Finding Bella

Bella, a scrawny black lab mix, was the first dog I'd had since becoming an adult. She came to me after being hit by a car and subsequently having surgery to amputate one of her legs. She was friendly and energetic and good company. I loved her. ...more

Furry Friends Forever: Introducing Your New Cat to Your First Dog or Cat

   So you’ve gone and done it....more

Things to Know Before Adopting a Cat

June is National Adopt a Cat Month and some of you might be considering doing just that. Before you do, though, there are a few things I would like you to know and consider. ...more
Great article! Thanks for sharing this with us. I love to have a cat but I am considering the ...more

Doggie Lama – My Fur-Covered Guru

The one thing that will always bring out the sentimental side of this crusty, aging party girl is talking about my dog, Doc Grizzly. So, when someone inquired last weekend about how I got such a magnificent mutt, I had to relate the whole nostalgic story…...more