The Gunning Down of Wild Animals in Ohio

Wild animals, including lions, tigers, bears, and wolves, were turned loose from a private collectors' property in Zanesville, Ohio. It is believed that the owner of the site, Terry Thompson, turned the animals loose before dying from a self-inflicted wound. Schools were closed, and the public was directed to stay inside as there were reports of wild animals running loose outside the property....more

Ask Obama to Save the Whales-Deadline in 60 Days

Iceland and Norway are the only two countries in the world that continue to permit commercial whaling. Much of the meat is either sent to Japan for human consumption or fed to tourists as a novelty....more

The Electric Shocking and Beating of an Animal Actor

TMZ  has reported that there is video depicting, the electric shocking and beating of the elephant actor, Tai, who stars in the new film "Water for Elephants".  Animal Defenders International (ADI) has just released a very disturbing training video of Tai and other elephants being shocked with a stun gun and beaten with bull hooks while "...more

Who's The Ass Now?

First-we received a call that a drunken donkey would be serving drinks in a bar in Long Beach on Cinco De Mayo (as they did last year). We stopped that. Then, we received a second call that a live pink donkey was at a restaurant in Century City. That was stopped too!...more

Cows Don't Need To Give Birth At The Fair

So many of you were horrified at the gunning down of a pregnant dairy cow last year, at the California State Fair. The cow was part of a livestock nursery exhibit in which very pregnant cows, goats and pigs are transported to the fair and are expected to give birth in front of an audience. As you will recall, she was shot several times after she escaped from the nursery. Both she and her unborn calf were killed....more

Ask Google to Remove Dog Fighting App

Google has launched The Dog Wars app for the Android smart phone operating system, which allows users to train, feed, fight virtual dogs, and raise your dog to be a winning fighter. One navigates the game building "street cred", earning cash (to buy steroids), warding off police heat  and entering dog fights. The idea is to play well enough to create a champion dog!I know it is not a real fight and that the first amendment protects such speech, but, I believe we should demand that Google remove the app....more

Live Animal Key Chains-New Trend in China

There is a new trend in China. Live fish and turtles are being sealed into airtight containers which are then sold, very cheaply, as key rings and trinkets. Vendors are appearing in markets, subway stations, elementary schools and the like to peddle these novelties. The Global Times has reported that these live-animal key chains are growing in popularity as they are being purchased as good luck charms and for decorative purposes....more

We Must Speak For California Bears Now

The  California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) is now proposing to expand the number of bears allowed to be killed by hunters. Besides the loss of bears, ancillary animal cruelty, such as the death and injuries to the hunting hounds, the wounding and harming of non targeted animals will also occur.This is a very disappointing move by an agency charged with the protection of our natural wildlife....more

I Cant "Bear" This Anymore - Call to Action

This is as bad as it gets. The California Department of Fish and Game thinks that we, the taxpayers, and interested citizens, can't see through their smokescreens or tell fool's gold from the real deal....more

There is No Such Thing as Magic Fish

The celebration of the Chinese New Year was heralded by six goldfish, ( a symbol of wealth in China) "magically" swimming in perfect synchronization under the direction of magician Fu Yandong. Requests by animal activists in China to see how the "trick" is done were denied in keeping with the magicians' code of secrecy. The questions are raised because there is concern that the fish were hurt, altered, electrocuted, or somehow out fitted with magnets in order to swim so perfectly upon command....more