Animal Lover Part III: The Duck Wars (or Our Adventures in Omnivorous Pet Husbandry)

I originally published this post back in September, when no one read my blog but my parents and three personal friends. I am now re-publishing it because of the enormous demand for human interest blog pieces about ducks. I think it can really make a difference. (It can't, but you should read it anyway.) ...more

Polo Tragedy Brings Focus to Animal Athletes

As champagne-sipping spectators gathered on Sunday for the US Open Polo Championships in West Palm Beach, Florida, tragedy struck hard. Suddenly, two horses being unloaded from their trailer collapsed on the field and a deadly chain reaction went into effect. Almost immediately, five other horses became dizzy and they toppled like dominoes, one after another. Additional horses died overnight or early Monday morning while receiving medical treatment. Final toll: 21 horses. ...more

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