Beagles' Plight Highlights Animal Testing in Products

Next time you brush your teeth or make a Botox appointment, think of Snoopy, the Peanuts dog who sleeps atop his wee red house and dances with unabashed glee at suppertime. Snoopy is a beagle, which is exactly the breed that many labs prefer when conducting dental/medical research testing. Thankfully, beagles have won a new champion in Shannon Keith, an LA-based animal rights lawyer and founder of the newly established Beagle Freedom Foundation. ...more
Our University of Alabama patented personal solar desalination product (U.S. Made) uses no ...more

A Good Deed Is Just A Few Clicks Away

Have you heard about the Pepsi Refresh Project? Pepsi is donating money to causes YOU vote on.A client of the agency I work for (and a truly worthy cause) is competing to win a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. are a no-kill animal shelter here in Arizona's beautiful Rim Country. Visit their website if you wish to know more, but I can tell you that they are very dedicated and devoted people. Please click on the...more

Silly me! I just found out you can vote EVERY DAY! I voted again for Tara's Babies

Trish ...more

Second Chance Tails

Life comes with no guarantees. Few things are promised to us in this lifetime. Sometimes, the most we can hope for is a “do-over”. A second chance to redeem ourselves. A second chance to gather a little knowledge, store up some confidence and show the world what we’re made of. That is the premise behind Prison Tails, a program born of Mixed Up Mutts.  What began a decade ago when Chris and Sarah Stevens made a visit to Best Friends Animal Society has turned into an animal rescue mission that has the AKC singing their praises....more

To foster or NOT to foster

That is the question hanging around my house for the past few days.I volunteer with an animal rescue, I am a foster mom, I sorta fell into it one day when my daughter and her friend found a momma dog and her puppy on the walk to school, she was huddled near a house shivering, almost completely bald. I did not find out about the dog and the puppy until after school, they ran in and told me, and the dog was still there. So we went out and low and behold there she was....more

Well I got my hopes up for nothing!

Playing phone tag with the owner, her not calling ...more

Is Adopting A Dog From A Shelter Risky? What you need to know.

I poke fun at my mother in my blog post from yesterday. If you haven't read it, you should check it out. My mother's adopted dog Buddy, has some really crazy antics (we love him but he’s CRAZY)....more

Animal Empath Award - February 2010



Last year after a painful, crippling breakup, when it seemed everything was falling apart with me and depression was creeping into my everyday life-- it was so easy to crawl into bed or under a blanket on the couch and lose a day or two-- then cancel plans to lose another day on purpose. ...more

This is a really sweet post. I can understand not wanting to let a new person into my life to ...more

I Just Love Dogs

Found a wonderfu ...more

Animal Sanctuaries: A Second Chance

A recent Washington Post article about Farm Sanctuary, the nation's largest farm animal rescue operation, gently reminded me of a persistent dream: Second Chance Ranch - where one-eyed goats, three-legged sheep and blind horses freely soak up love. My dream includes foster kids (that I would hope to adopt) who would gleefully help me run the place. Crazy, huh? ...more

Hey Janet,

Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement. Your blog and book ...more

They're On a Roll: Sweet Chihuahua Pups Get Some Wheels!

For those who follow the progress of North Shore Animal League America's famous Chihuahua trio, Venus, Carmen and Pablo, there's news: these charming dogs, born without their front legs and rescued by the League from a Virginia shelter, now have front-wheel drive, in the form of carts that will assist their mobility. ...more

PamLSB - Awww, glad to see those little guys getting some help to get around.more