Defining Life and Going Vegetarian

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comI was going to open this blog with the accepted definition of life. Unfortunately, there is no accepted definition. According to thedictionary, life is:...more

Chickens Are NOT Vegetarians!

These egg producers should be char...more

My Three Year Vegan Anniversary Month: Help Me Support Our Hen House

Time flies when you’re trying to live a life devoted to ending violence against animals!Actually, my vegan anniversary is on February 20 but I decided to use the entire month to celebrate. I’m starting today....more

World Animal Day


A Sliver of Hell: How to Keep the Faith?

There was that familiar feeling of wanting to vomit, knees buckling, light headed, inner stillness as the surrounding environment became secondary, difficulty breathing, and a question of how is this part of the Divine's Plan?  It wasn't as violent, but it was a version of the "dog with the broken jaw" reaction.  I had said "bring it on," but I was only going to see the elephants at their house......more

Ethical Third Grader Boycotts Zoo Field Trip

I admit to not having that deep, inherent fascination with human children that most people seem to have, with the exception of my niece (who is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT AND GORGEOUS AND OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD MEET THIS GIRL!), and my 7-year-old friend, Ruby (a lifelong vegan, whom we interviewed on our podcast)....more
So awesome! I can identify - as a 9 year old, I wrote letters to local restaurants, asking them ...more

Thanksgiving, School Projects and a Good Message

My fourth grade daughter Camille's school has a "Magic Mailbox" in the lobby. Once a month the kids have the option to participate in putting something in the mailbox based on a selected theme. This month the theme was Thanksgiving, specifically trying to save Tom Turkey....more

VeganMoFo 11: AR Activism + Tuesday = Lunch (Black-Eyed Peas over Cabbage Salad)

Yesterday I took a long walk midday, for about an hour, and listened to the latest episode of Our Hen House.  Jasmin and Mariann interviewed Liz Marshall about her recent transition from vegetarian to vegan.  The conversation centered on activism....more

Why I Don't Care About Force-Fed Ducks

I adore foie gras (preferably seared and served with a fruity drizzle of something fancy and a glass of ice wine. A bit like this). On Friday I discovered that the delicacy is about to be banned in the state of California. I was pretty torn on the issue. I do love the stuff but I don’t love the idea of poor defenseless force-fed ducks....more

Boxer Day or Boxing Day?

This holiday season, there is a battle raging on the internet, and it has nothing to do with Julian Assange against all the governments on earth.  Instead, it's a dog fight with so many pawns & paws, you don't know quite on whom to put your money....more