Animal Shelters Match Senior Pets to Seniors = Win - Win!

Being involved with Comfort for Critters necessarily exposes me to a vast network of other non-profits, working to improve the lives of companion animals. I’m often impressed and humbled by their work, and I try to shine a light in their direction, just as often as possible. One such group is PAWS, located in Lynnwood Washington, just north of Seattle. Their program, “Seniors for Seniors” is a great solution to a problem which many shelters face. The kittens and puppies steal hearts at shelters…older pets are often either less interesting or worse, suspect. ...more

The Wabi-Sabi of Comfort for Pets

Every so often people will question my logic in giving beautifully crafted blankets to pets who will likely knead them, chew them a bit and have the occasional “accident” (poop-happens, after all). They warn me that our creations will look worn and ragged in no time. Of course my short reply should be, “because these pets deserve them,” as every CFC volunteer would attest. ...more

That Horrifying Moment When Your Dog Attacks

     I had this wonderful plan all worked up about how my day would go yesterday.  I met another lady online who homeschools and lives very close to me.  Her son and my oldest son are the same age, and I have been pining for an adult who lives nearby that will come and have a cup of coffee with me and chat on a lonely morning.  We planned to get together for a play date and a visit to see if we hit it off.  Little did I know, my day was going to take a horrifying turn for the worse.  My day came to a screaching half when our dog attacked....more
KnowWhatlMean I have just lost all faith in dogs.  I think that for some people, they can be an ...more

The Dark Side of Animal Shelters

 I am not a dog person. I am more like a cool aunt that never wanted her own kids, happy to play with those belonging to others and shoo them away when they start smelling my bum.Darling Husband IS a Dog Person. I came with cats. He with the penchant for not only wanting dogs…but puppies. I refused knowing I would be the one up all night with the pooch for pee breaks and howling sessions. Then Baby Boy came along. DH’s argument morphed into, “Well, now you’re up anyway…”...more

Palm Trees, Snow-capped Mountains, Unwanted Pets Lay Dying: The New California Landscape?

I was talking to a colleague today about the condition and care of shelter animals and whether it has improved, worsened or stayed the same over the past 10 years. She asked me, what law I would pass to improve the plight of shelter animals if I had a magic wand. Notwithstanding my personal opinion that we already have too many redundant, ineffective and poorly written laws, I don't believe there is such a legal fix. I would rather use a wand to make everyone a humane, responsible pet caretaker and a model of good citizenship....more

Second Chance Tails

Life comes with no guarantees. Few things are promised to us in this lifetime. Sometimes, the most we can hope for is a “do-over”. A second chance to redeem ourselves. A second chance to gather a little knowledge, store up some confidence and show the world what we’re made of. That is the premise behind Prison Tails, a program born of Mixed Up Mutts.  What began a decade ago when Chris and Sarah Stevens made a visit to Best Friends Animal Society has turned into an animal rescue mission that has the AKC singing their praises....more

California's Chihuahua Glut: Turns Out, They DON'T Go With Everything

California has yet another unique problem to add to its ever-growing list of troubles: Too many chihuahuas. As the LA Times recently reported, about 20 to 30 of these wee dogs are deposited at LA dog pounds every single day, constituting 30 percent or more of the dog populations at California shelters. One Bay Area shelter expects to reach a 50 percent chihuahua population within months....more

Sadly, it's true. We've got too many animals and not nearly enough homes. ...more

Death of Oprah's Puppy Raises Questions, Such As ...Is This News?

Between Oprah's dog, Gracie, choking to death on a ball last summer and Martha Stewart's chow, Genghis Khan, recently perishing in a kennel fire - it's been a hazardous stretch for celebrity pooches. Now, Oprah has also lost one of her 8-week-old puppies, Ivan, to Parvovirus. ...more

I didn't know oprahs dog gracie died last summer. I heard about the puppy and parvo. Any puppy ...more

Adopting a Dog? Consider a Shelter Dog

Every year 5 million pets are killed simply because they are "unwanted". If the dogs and cats in shelters could talk, they would tell you they once had a family and a warm bed to sleep in.  ...more