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It is with a heavy heart and disappointment that I alert my readers that I will no longer be supporting or promoting Tarte Cosmetics. I know that in many of my previous posts about Tarte I have spoken so highly of them as a cruelty free brand that never sacrificed quality or their stance to remain cruelty free and animal testing free. Well, as of a few weeks ago the company announced that they were acquired by Japanese cosmetics company KOSE....more

This Blog Is Not Tested On Animals

Hooray!Europe has banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals (or that contain ingredients that were tested on animals).  This makes the European Union the first zone in the world to have and enforce such a ban.While I may not like it I understand that there is a need for animal testing in medicine.  However cosmetic animal testing does not need to happen.  There are other methods.  And really, life-saving surgery and drugs are necessary, mascara is not....more

The dark side of the beauty industry

If you knew that your favourite brand of soap, face cream or shampoo was tested on animals, would you still buy it? This is something I am very interested in, what makes us buy products that we know are unethical? Many members of the public may be surprised to learn that some of the biggest names on the market today are the worst offenders for cruelty against animals....more

Animal Testing: What's in your cabinets?

Other than her penchant for shopping and candy, my wingwoman, Laura, is an effective vegetarian influence. When dining together, I pretend that she's easily offended (which she's not) and avoid meat dishes. Recently she said, "I realize that I'm a hypocrite. I’m vegetarian and yet I'm still using some products that test on animals. If I'm going to take a stand on this, I need to be consistent and look at all aspects of my life." Hence, my new interest in what we are calling, The Next Level. ...more

Anita Roddick, The Body Shop founder, dies at 64

The BBC is reporting that Body Shop founder Dame Anita Roddick, 64, died yesterday. A statement issued by the hospital said that Roddick died of "a major brain haemorrhage." Roddick is being mourned by environmental groups and animal rights activists world wide, as well as by women who were won over by her back-to-basics approach to beauty and her rejection of the fashion industry's emphasis on perfection. ...more

I am also sadder about this than I would have thought.

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