Does 'Headless' Chicken Breeding Eliminate Issues of Animal Cruelty?

This is beyond words... That such an idea would even be contemplated, and that they would really ...more

It's Never Too Early To Start Teaching Compassion

Recently, I was visiting family and we made a trip to Kohler, Wisconsin.  We stopped in at the Movers and Shakers toy store and I was elated to come across this display: ...more

Some Pickles for Homeless Pets

What do pickles have to do with homeless pets?   Last week, my friend contacted me about our Strut Your Mutt fundraising  for ...more
I would like to nominate this post for Stone Soup Monday! Lately, with the downturn of the ...more

What are you good at? Use it for the Greater Good!

Do-Gooder Spotlight:  Kyla Duffy   One of the objectives I had when starting this blog was to feature people who are doing good things and doing so in creative or unusual ways that could inspire the rest of us to figure out how to fit more good into our daily lives.   A great example of this is Kyla Duffy of <...more

Not-For-Profit Groups: Against the Odds.

Is it just me -or is a big part of the work-a-day horse world seized up in a flop sweat about money? Stress and worry seem to hang in the air. Horse sales are down. Hay production is down. Show attendance is low. Lots of good horses are looking for homes, while rescues are full and adoption is down.  I am not saying there aren’t good reasons to seize up about the economy, but is that who we want to be? Burdened by our passion? Horse Poor?...more

Why Animal Transports Work

There has been a recent assertion that transporting animals from one place to another simply reassigns the task of euthanasia to the receiving entity. That is not the case with our program or any reliable program that I am familiar with for the following reasons. The receiving entity must be legitimate and actually want the pets. We send small dogs to locations that have none, but, do have a demand for them. The result is that there is usually a line at the shelter waiting to adopt them before the plane reaches the gate, and, that they are in homes very quickly....more

A Word About Assasinations

As one of the national figures in the Animal Welfare arena I feel that something must be said and some leadership shown in the wake of the Arizona massacre. Many of us feel passionate about our mission and believe that our cause is a righteous one. All of us work with factions with whom we disagree and of whose tactics we disapprove. Those of us who study history and the arcs of civil movements and revolutions would concede that there have been successful uses of civil disobedience and strong rhetoric....more

A Chihuahua Can Fly

The real end to the pet overpopulation problem and its attending euthanasia rate can be brought about quite simply. By melding the laws of supply and demand with the practices of non profits, rapid change, on a grand scale can be achieved almost immediately....more

Squirrels Never Forget: Eat Peanut Butter & Just Shoot a Picture. Sarah Palin Missed This One!

An spcaLA employee came upon a newborn squirrel in distress. She cared for and bottle fed him around the clock. When Mr. Squirrel, as he was so named, was ready, she released him on our village grounds so he could live his life.  Each day since, Mr. Squirrel has joined our employee for lunch where they share apple slices and peanut butter.It was recently reported that Mr. Squirrel has begun taking spcaLA evening dog obedience and agility classes. He reports to class and performs the exercises behind or alongside our canine students. He is doing very well in school....more

I Won't Pick Up a Guitar if You Won't Run a Charity

As we again come upon the busiest fund-raising season of the year I, again urge you to know your charity and donate locally. We are a generous and empathetic people who react with our hearts when seeing the ravages of an earthquake on the news, or expensive television ads of forlorn children and injured animals. We respond with our purses when celebrities beg for donations and plead with viewers to join them in giving. I do too - but I worry about how often we can be disappointed and develop charity fatigue....more