The Kid's Favorite New Show is ... ... Pit Bulls and Parolees?

I shouldn't be so surprised that she likes Pit Bulls and Parolees, as she loves watching any show that features dogs, cats — all animals, really.  She may actually end up a vegetarian/veterinarian someday....more

"Mermaids: The Body Found": Stranger Than Fiction, Or Just Fiction?

Animal Planet billed it as a documentary. I caught wind of it on Twitter and immediately set my TIVO (or, y'know, the crappy cable company loaner I call a TIVO -- whatever). We put the kiddo to bed, and settled in to watch the two hour Charlie Foley piece Mermaids: The Body Found....more
Mermaids! I wish I had known it was on and would have watched it for sure.  Love Mermaids, and ...more

Must Love Cats

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

(VIDEO) Exclusive Interview With Dancing With the Stars Judge: Carrie Ann Inaba

Yesterday morning (bright and early), I had the pleasure of interviewing Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba. As one of BlogHer's resident reality TV editors, I jumped at the chance. And when I found out that the reason Carrie Ann was on this publicity tour was to promote an Animal Planet show about cats, well, that just sweetened the pot. ...more