Tea Party

When Ethel turned four, I told her that she would no longer be requi...more

Max's blog:Animals who are sick

Sick December 31st 2009 ...more

Giveaway: Animal Magnetism by Rita Mae Brown


My most unwilling subject

Meet Claire, the dog that daily ruins my idea of will power....eh someones gotta give, and sure doesn't look like it'll be her anytime soon... http://jana-sugarspicelife.blogspot.com/2010/01/unwilling-subject.html...more

An Almost-Full-Time Vegetarian Tries on Fur

Last weekend, this almost-full-time vegetarian found her spontaneous self in Aspen, trying on fur coats - a local wardrobe staple. I did it specifically to report here how terrible it was and gross it felt. Except that it didn't - it felt criminally soft and ultra glamourous. Sick, I know. ...more

I don't wear fur; won't wear fur.


I like Eva ...more

Family visit to the Racine Zoo

Family visit to the Racine Zoo ...more

Animals as a Pathway to Source


Fabulous, Unforgettable, Freaking Awesome: Mr. Fox Truly is Fantastic for All Ages

I'll admit that while I was completely excited to squeeze in the packed theater with viewers of all ages waiting for Fantastic Mr. Fox to begin, a tiny worry was playing on the tip of my popcorn-reaching fingers. ...more

I thought I didn't like talking animals until we watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (or ...more