Healthy Giraffe Killed, Dissected and Fed to Big Cats in Front of Children

Zoos are no place for animals.Copenhagen Zoo killed, dissected and fed a giraffe, Marius, to their big cats while children watched. The zoo asserted that this giraffe, though healthy, possessed genes too common with the other giraffes in the zoo to be used in their breeding program. This was done despite both the posting of online petitions opposing this course of action and the offers of other facilities to take Marius....more

Whale in Drowning Incident Returns to Stage

Just thirteen months after SeaWorld's star attraction, Tilikum, killed his trainer, the bull orca returned to his watery stage in Orlando last week and was greeted warmly by audiences. In February of 2010, Tilikum had snatched 40-year-old Dawn Brancheau by her ponytail and drowned the veteran trainer before horrified crowds. Since then, Sea World has apparently spent "millions" inputting safety precautions and for good measure, all the female trainers now wear their hair in a bun. ...more

I couldn't agree more. I don't doubt that the staff genuinely cares for their animals, but I ...more