It's Not Just the Albatross We Should Worry About: My Cat Eats Plastic

Many of you have seen Chris Jordan’s recent heartbreaking photos of dead albatross chicks on Midway Atoll with bellies full of plastic. And perhaps you have seen, or at least heard how sea turtles eat plastic, mistaking it for the jelly fish upon which they usually dine. Most recently, beached whales have been found with plastic in their bellies. People see these images or read these stories, maybe feel sad for a minute, and then go on about their lives. Albatrosses and sea turtles are creatures most of us don’t encounter on a daily basis. Their fate is sad, but it doesn’t directly affect us. Well, I want to show some photos and relate a story from the Terry-Stoler household that brings the issue of harm to animals a little closer to home. My cat eats plastic. ...more

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