A Rough-Hewn Kind of Beauty

Some months ago, a phone conversation with my BlogHer colleague Rita Arens turned toward my experience of having ankylosing spondylitis, an arthritic condition that froze my spine over the course of 30 years, first into a ramrod pole and now into a shepherd's crook. With her encouragement, I jabbered on about how, along the way, I've loved and lost, borne and raised two children, managed a career and had bi-lateral hip replacements - two surgeries - a week apart, followed by single doses of radiation. Then Rita suggested that my story would be a good addition to the "Own Your Beauty" series.That shut me up....more
Dear Kim, Chris Miller from SAA here. We would love to publish this post / your story in its ...more

The Stones

The stones lining my pockets and weighing down my heart Disseminated superficial actinic porokeritosisAnkylosing spondylitisEssential tremorPerseverationMenopauseMelanomaMigraineAutismWidowBereftAloneAgain...more

Arthritis Pain Relief

So there I was, aged thirty four, having suffered from scarcely a day's malady in my existence, when I suddenly encountered serious aches in my neck and back. Only a blemish, thought I, find some heat therapy lotion and that should fix it. Drastically wrong! And so i proceed and pay an infrequent trip to my medical doctor and he affirms I've Ankylosing Spondylitis. I did not think a lot of it right at that moment however it ended up being a life modifying medical diagnosis....more

I recently starting using a tens/e-stim unit for my arthritis knee pain, and it has been a great ...more