Is Ann Curry Having the Last Laugh?

This post is about being a woman because I really think if the main character in this story had been a man, the folks in charge would have figured out a better way to handle the whole situation. Remember when Ann Curry got fired from the Today Show this past summer?  Of course you do.  We all do.  (But in case you somehow don’t, here’s one link –of the thousands out there-- that can bring you up to speed: )...more

Ann Curry is Iconic Beauty at 55

I love Ann Curry and was saddened to learn that her NBC career came to an end but I can only imagine that she will soon be in demand. Thanks for letting us see Ann’s authentic side, Jackie.____________________________________________________________________The television reporter embraces aging.BY: JACKIE SILVER...more

Ann Curry Wears Heart on Sleeve with Tearful Goodbye

Today Ann Curry said a tearful goodbye as co-host of the Today Show. With class, professionalism, and grace she navigated a tough on-air situation under even more difficult circumstances. ...more
Sorry to see her go. We will miss you Ann Curry.more

I've Been In Ann's Shoes

I admit that it was a bit awkward to watch the adorable Ann Curry at times.  I didn't get her wardrobe choices and hoped at some point someone would rush in to fire her stylist.  But that didn't happen.  After all of these years of reporting for The Today Show, one would think sitting in the big chair would be a piece of cake.  Looks like it wasn't....more

Ann Curry Leaving 'Today?' No way!

     A lot can happen in a year, and apparently, 365 days unleashed a downward spiral for “Today” host, Ann Curry.     Curry took over last year for Meredith Vieira, who left the “Today Show” last summer. And let’s just say it, in the opinion of many, the show hasn’t been the same since its longtime queen, Katie Couric left in 2006 after 15 years....more
@Bad Luck Detective I remain an avid follower, too. I will surely miss ann, though! I keep ...more