Ann Romney, Chris Christie Play Good Cop, Bad Cop

Ann Romney left to loving applause hand-in-hand with her sweetheart Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention Tuesday as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took the stage preaching a different message: "respect over love." The juxtaposition of good cop, bad cop wasn't lost on the critics. But the full house at the Tampa Bay Times Forum responded to both narratives with open arms, enthusiatic cheers and numerous standing ovations....more
 @Mary Beth Gonzalez Shorter Christie: I'm running for president. Live, he blew the doors off ...more

The Romney Connection

I’m sorry to report that I missed most of Chris Wallace’s recent Fox News special interview with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his wife at their Massachusetts vacation home. The part I did see went a long way toward debunking the “Mitt Romney can’t connect with regular folks” myth. ...more

Romney Launches Women for Mitt Coalition

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney recently announced his Women for Mitt Coalition as part of nine communities where he's bolstering support, from Young Americans to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders....more
Honestly? Any candidate that is proposing to reduce and eliminate Social Security, Medicare and ...more

Romney's War: It's The Women, Stupid

For all his infamous gaffes, Mitt Romney's nobody's fool.He might not know what a doughnut is (perhaps he should ask Nanny Bloomberg), but Romney's learned the hard way that a cautious strategy wins....more
@Barbarahughes If Ann Romney's "fooling" women, what about Obama's women summit this summer? ...more

Facing Chronic Illness Takes More Than A Soul Mate

Like Mitt and Ann Romney, when my husband Aaron and I cried together at my diagnosis, and did the same things they did. But afterward, we had to do something else: we had to figure out how in the hell we were going to keep a roof over our heads and food in the mouths of our children and ourselves. If Mitt Romney understands auto-immune diseases, why does he want to leave those of us who suffer it out on the street? ...more
 @sarahkate82 There's some myths here I'd like to respectfully dispel. It's not a 'huge tax ...more

It's Romney. And Maybe Rubio. With a Side of 'Women's Issues.'

No surprises here: Mitt Romney swept the GOP primaries in five states (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) tonight. Though he still doesn't have enough delegates to grab the nomination, Romney did manage to grab votes ranging from 56% to 67% in his favor....more
Oh Julie, thanks so much for an easy to read article on these candidates.  I heard rumor that if ...more

I Used to Have Ann Romney's Life. I Had Privilege.

Note: This piece was fueled by exasperation and inspired by two excellent blogs posts -- by Grace Hwang Lynch and Pamela Kripke -- that urge those who "got privilege" to name it. I used to have Ann Romney's life. The first time around I married into a family that was rich. Romney Rich....more
 @prayerperspectivesfortoday I am not jealous of Mitt Romney nor his wealth. I am saddened by ...more

Motherhood is for hybrids...

According to CNN commentator Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney was not qualified to speak about women’s issues considering her not “working a day in her life” She backtracked on Twitter all the way to an on-air apology, but the statement was out and the damage had been done. The fire had been stoked, both on Twitter and in me....more

Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveaux of CNN make my blood boil

For the record, I don't have a problem with moms who choose to work outside the home.  I especially admire widows, single moms, and women with disabled husbands or unemployed husbands who must take on the role of sole provider for the family.  In fact, after having one particular child of mine, I have grown to appreciate the need for some time apart to help our love grow.  Some moms are really unhappy at home and that's no good for the children.  Others sacrifice seeing their children in order to provide the child more opportunities or to live more comfortably. ...more
I fully appreciate what you are saying about the sacrifices you made to stay at home to be there ...more

Hey Politicians...Leave Us Moms Alone!

I don't write much about politics, but when Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney for her decision to stay at home and raise her five boys, I became very disturbed.  Politics and Washington have tried to drive a wedge between everyone with opposing views and NOW they are trying to drive one between moms. ...more