Kids today don't know they are born. This is a waffly post

In the olden days, school was an entirely different affair to what it is today. ...more

My dog is a git

The weather has been a complete horror today. Dull, grey, drizzly rain, and blowing a gale to boot. So I was pretty pissed off that I owned a dog because it meant that the bastard needed to be taken for a walk. ...more

I went AWOL for a good reason.... the birth of my new nephew!

 Annie (Lady M) x...more

Blimey, today was full of danger and surprises

Today was a bit annoying. I sat down to write this blog post and the leg fell off my chair, causing me to fall prostrate onto the floor.  I called out to my dog; "Naughty George, I have fallen, and I think it's really bad." I had visions of him coming to my aid and then staying for several weeks beside my dead body until I was discovered by rescuers. You read about it all the time in the papers. ...more

Cavemen somehow got involved with New Year's Eve

Well as you already know, I was a bit tardy over the Christmas period when it came to posting on my blog. It wasn't my fault though. Because I spent my holiday 'oop' North, I was deprived of all the creature comforts that you take for granted down South. Like warm weather, and being able to understand people's accents, and internet access.  ...more

My superbulous Christmas 'oop North'

"So!" I hear you cry, "first you just disappear for days on end, and then reappear without a by-your-leave. What the bloody hell is going on, and what have you been up to?" Blimey, all I can say is that my blog has all gone a bit back-to-fronty because I am trying to catch up. Yesterday you were reading a post about me returning to Oxford, and today's post is all about what I got up to on Christmas day, following my bingo winning exploits on Christmas Eve. ...more

Back to Oxford, back to civilisation .... apart from Naughty George honking

Hello Dahlink, I am so sorry that I haven't been around for most of the Christmas period. I was like a flitting social butterfly, spending most of my Christmas and New Year flapping between northern cities beginning with 'L'. My last post talked about me leaving Leeds at Christmas, and then I went back to Oxford for a day or two, after which I left for Loughborough to celebrate New Year. ...more

And the winner is..... the bingo wildebeest!

So, as you already know, I arrived in Leeds on Christmas Eve to be greeted by cocktails dahlink. But don't be fooled by the thin southern-type veneer that my host was trying to lay on. She was still from 'oop north, and I knew that if I didn't go native, I would inevitably become prey. It's dog eat southern dog 'oop north. ...more

Bring on Christmas!

This is a blog that I did on Christmas eve....more

Adversity comes... I shrug it off like a seagull crapping on my shoulder

And so, after making a brief appearance last Friday, on Saturday it came in earnest.  'What are you banging on about you daft wombat?' I hear you cry. Why snow, my dear...... and lots of it. At dawn on Saturday morning, it was a bit frosty. By mid-morning the snow started, and by mid-afternoon we had copped about 9" of the stuff. It was truly awesome. ...more