7 Romantic Situations To Celebrate Your Mrriage

 1. Go where you had your first kiss or were you 2 meet If you remember where your first kiss was, go ahead and take him/she there and talk about how it happened or what were you thinking that day. 2. Spend a whole day at spa  Relax with your love at the spa, spend the day together taking relaxing baths and massages. You can also consider keeping some ring bath bombs to add a little more intensity to your celebration.  ...more

Black Women in Europe™ Blog 10th Anniversary

 Pick up your free digital copy of the Black Women in Europe™ Blog 10th Anniversary Book through 23 December 2016.The Black Women in Europe™ Blog was created to celebrate the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. This book is dedicated to them....more

5 Ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Some people think that this celebration has lost its meaning over the years, but an especial date will always be nice.Regardless if you’re a romantic or not, here are some wonderful ideas to make your celebration even more special. 1. Go to the place you first met. ...more


Marriage. Who knew one little word could carry such incredible weight? It is quite hard to wrap my brain around the emotions that overcome us, the experiences we have shared and the decisions that are placed in our hands, each and every day through marriage.When I married Nathan, four years ago today, I was a different Ashli. He will tell you that too, but he a different Nathan....more


I am easily swayed. Feed me a line that sounds halfway decent and reasonable, and suddenly I 100% agree with you/back you up. Liberal arts college was a hard one for me because I started to believe Debater #1, but then really fell for whatever points Debater #2 brought to the table. By the end of class I was really confused about what we were even discussing, much less what my true feelings about said subject were. Can I just be on everyone's side?...more

4 Years, 4 Lessons: What I've Learned From 4 Years Dating the Nerdiest Nerd

I'm interrupting the series A Guy's Guide to Feminism today because of something special. (We'll get back to it on Monday, I promise!) ...more

Twitter is 10 Years Old Today! Send it Some Birthday Wishes

Twitter is all grown up and hitting its tween years today on its 10th anniversary. Happy birthday, Twitter! It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in a BlogHer panel in San Francisco, listening to the speaker tell us about this newfangled site that is sort of like a stream of public instant messages. Or that's how I understood it at the time. ...more
Lavender Luz Hahahaha. That's awesome.more

DJ Candice McKenzie: Black Women In Europe Blog 10th Anniversary Shero

DJ Candice McKenzie: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero...more
Time really does fly when you're doing something you love. When I started blogging ten years ago ...more

The First Twenty-Five Years Are The Hardest

My father was not only smart. He was wise.On my wedding day, dad and I had a few moments alone before the ceremony. I waited eagerly for some words of wisdom. At last, dad turned to me, cupped my face lovingly in his warm hands and said “Don’t worry if things are rocky in the beginning. Hang in there. The first twenty-five years of marriage are the hardest. After that, it’s a piece of cake.” Then, we both chuckled....more

We Made It A Year!

And so ends the first year of my marriage. Time sure does go by quickly! My parents celebrate 30 years at the end of this month. Didn’t we just celebrate their 25th? October is already half over. Time just seems to be coming at me full speed these days. Can we slow it down?What a whirlwind this week has been!We’ve also reached the end of a crazy and hectic month. With multiple trips back to Maryland and visitors on the weekends in between, I’m happy to say that we have very little planned for this weekend....more