Wednesday Whereabouts: Happy Anniversary!

This past Monday, the hubs and I celebrated our seventh anniversary! Man, I was young, blonde and sooo skinny! Seven years later, we have a cat, a dog and a sweet boy! We’ve moved into our forever home (forever as in, we’ll forever be making changes–isn’t that what owning a home looks like). I can’t say that every day has been easy, but every day has been a blessing. It’s been a fabulous and fun seven years. I am so grateful for our marriage and our life together. I’m grateful that the hubs is a wonderful father to E and a fabulous husband to me....more

Happy Anniversary to Us (and thanks, kids)

On Wednesday, Bubba and I will celebrate twenty years of marriage. Twenty. And, no, I'm not old enough to have been married that long, and neither is he, but we somehow managed to jump the space-time continuum and make it so, anyway. The past year has been one of the best years of my marriage, for certain, and as much as it pains me to say so, I think it's because it has been one of the most challenging years of my parenting life. Not despite,     because. ...more

Marriage: The First Years Are Only As Hard As You Make Them

October 8th, 2010, I married my best friend.I know, so original. But true. Paul and I were friends long before we were a couple; most people saw something with us that we either:a) ignored or b) were too blind to see...more
Loved your story! My husband and I are also BEST FRIENDS! Our relationship started out ...more

"Us" Care

A pastor of mine talks a lot about the importance of "self care."An awful story on the news and I listen, knowing I won't sleep.Turn it off, Holli.  Self care.I'm at the end of my frazzled rope after a particularly wild morning of twin wrangling....more
@Kathleen Quiring Agreed.  We need to do the same...continue the "us care" during the day-to-day ...more

Channelling Our Inner Oprah

Recently I heard a story that made me think of what it would be like to be Oprah.My friends were about to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. His son and family live in London so they don’t get to see much of one another. A few days before the anniversary, the son called my friends and said he had prepared a big surprise for them. He had arranged for a limo to pick them up and take them to a five star restaurant in Chicago. The son had made all the arrangements for the special celebration....more

Our Over-Night Escape

Maybe escape sounds to harsh, because I would never want to escape from my kids in all reality. Once we started having children I turned into one of those moms who never wants to leave her babies. Seriously; we haven't even had our honey moon yet because I couldn't face the fact of leaving our daughter more than one night. Then we had only one daughter compared to three now....more

Ah, August

For all its heat spikes and the like, I love August, as it gives promise to the fall. In prior postings you know I had many life changing events in August..a couple of good Phillies seasons…started a job 28, almost 29 years ago which I still have…went on childhood vacations every year with my family during the end of August..God sent my Dad on his final vacation August 24,sixteen years ago,which was fitting as our vacation week he always took was the last week in August…and Jim and I were married on August 31st, almost 11 years ago. ...more

Eleven Years Later

We went to Mass this morning,as we normally would on a Sunday. Afterward,we went to a restaurant that we last went to on our honeymoon,almost 11 years ago. We have changed,life has changed,but,most notably,how those prices have changed for everything that was on the menu.It was a pancake house: it wasn't a steak house or seafood house: a pancake house! ...more
My husband and I still go eat periodically at the restaurant where we went on our very first ...more


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15 years

I got married 15 years ago, today.  Back when Pluto was a planet.  The Olden Days.Marriage is wonderful, tough, crazy.  If YOUR marriage is perfect — good for you, Braggart and/or Liar.15 years of marriage encompasses:...more