In loving memory

One of my favourite pastimes while visiting British Columbia during my summer holiday is taking morning strolls down the meandering gravel trail that stretches alongside the Fraser River situated about 10 minutes from our house in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. A walk along the pathway in the early morning isn't particularly elaborate; its beauty is much more unassuming and steeped in nostalgia....more

My Dad... I Cried All the Way Home.

It hardly seems possible but it has been 19 years since the death of my father.  To be accurate, it will be 19 years on the 5th of May.  At this time, it is Dad that I keep thinking about.  We live on but that which is in the past seems to return and visits us every year.  ...more

Farewell and Peace, My Sister

Dani Dittman Bower crossed over on January 11, 2011 from Luekemia.  She was just 46 years old and my youngest sister.  A year has passed since the death of my baby sister.  I have read that she was a loving and caring mother. A distant relative was gracious enough to inform of her terminal illness just seven hours before her death.  The pain and sorrow in my heart burst forth in a way that I wll never be able to put into words.  She was just 46 years old and left behind a young son.  I don't ...more
 @OdalisRoblesFigueroa  It is difficult, isn't it?  Then again, what a wonderful gift from your ...more

An Open Letter To Grandpa

Dear Missing Grandpa,It has been years now since I have seen you last, let alone heard from you. A lot has happened since I was 11 years old. I've grown into a full sized person now, really I have. Too bad you decided you didn't want to be in our lives to watch us grow up....more

Gifts for my late father

Last year, my father passed away on the second day of Ramadan (God bless his soul/الله يرحمه). In honour of his memory, I wished to share a post I wrote for my blog in June for his birthday about the ways we can honour our parents after they have died.Gifts for my late father on his birthdayFor the first time in my life, I won’t be able to wish my dad a happy birthday on June 13....more

Mordecai Richler: Beyond words

By Ashliegh Gehl It was a mandatory read in secondary school. Great literature, the educator called it, passing out used books with creased covers and dog-eared pages. Some books were graffitied with the names of previous borrowers, others were marked with profanity. ...more