Summer Memories

Keeping Her Cool is having a blog hop with a great twist: favorite summer memories.And it fits right in with what I've been thinking about lately, which is that this month marks five years since I met my husband.  Now, that doesn't sound like much, but we've really been through a lot (not even counting the twins, if that says anything), and I can honestly say he's the best thing to ever come my way.  Ever. I'm incredibly lucky and incredibly in love.Would you like a pictur...more


Seventeen years ago, 2 very young people made solemn vows to each other in the presence of great friends, family, and loving supporters.  Last night Brian and I watched our wedding video.  Tonight, we will steal away for a few hours to have dinner, reflect upon the last 17 years, and dream about the years to come.   Life lesson:  Milestones are important   Why do we celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and even mark a day of remembrance we call Memorial Day?  It is so important to set aside time for pointed reflec...more

A great adventure!

Our family is preparing for a much anticipated trip to Disneyworld....more

That man of mine.

I really wondered if I would come back here and blog, or if it would be a one time thing, and then Friday happened. My husband,Ken,surprised me. In a big way. See, our anniversary is coming up on May 18. We will have been married for 20yrs. I know you are saying,"Wow, she looks so young, how can she have been married for 20yrs!" Well, in my mind you are saying that. Anyway, Friday started out as a regular day. Take kids to school, drink some coffee, shower. Then Ken told me to get ready, pack a bag for overnight and we were leaving. We don't ever go anywhere overnight....more

Our Anniversary: The Details (Finally!)

Here's how we spent our anniversary. We actually kicked off the celebrating on Saturday night. We prepped for the big day by finally getting around to trying a new Italian pizzeria near our place called Ciao Napoli. It was delicious, and we'll for sure be heading back soon. We drank some good wine, ate some delicious pizza, and then we were stuffed....more

Wedding Cake Eating: The Sequel

So, technically our anniversary was on the 27th of March, but we just got around to eating the top of the wedding cake last night. It was surprisingly good. My brother, who house sat for us when we were on our honeymoon, wrapped it and he actually did a really good job. He wrapped it twice in saran wrap, and then twice in foil. Nicely done, big bro!...more

One Year Ago...

One year ago this past Sunday, we did this:...more

I mean I guess divorced people hate each other more than when they married, but it seems to me ...more

Twenty-Nine Years Still Married… And they said it wouldn’t last!

This past month of February 2011 my hubby and I celebrated 29-years married. I praise God because we are still going strong; in spite of the silent side-line jeerers and open unbelieving doubters here we are, still together. Though, in all fairness, we did have a few sincere “wish-you-the-best” blessing givers....more

Love is Life

nothing makes life more meaningful than love, no matter what kind of love it is.
love and live ...more

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE ...more