Love is Life

nothing makes life more meaningful than love, no matter what kind of love it is.
love and live ...more

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE ...more

Party of Five: Girls' Night Out; Nourishment for the Body & Soul

My Sisters Six years ago this week, 5 women met together for food, cosmopolitans, fellowship and laughter. Each woman knew at least one person there....more

Is It Love or Laundry?

It’s February. The month of Love. The month of my 10-year wedding anniversary. And to make it sloppier with hearts, flowers, and that gosh darn love is all around- it’s Valentine’s Day. This is the month that romance is bursting at the seams but the only thing I can really think of is why the hell does my laundry multiply? Instead of roses, chocolate, and maybe even a toss in the sheets (that need to be cleaned) I am trying to figure out if gremlins live in my laundry....more

Snow, Dinner and a Toilet

Yup, doing a double post today.  I've pre-written a couple but since the weather is playing a huge part in my life right now...It is quite beautiful this early, early morning and I'm happy to be all safe and warm at home today.  The Hubby is being a real hard headed guy this morning.  He is pretty determined that he can go work out at Hillcrest (not going to be open!) and then on to the office (where none of our guys are going to be there).  For gosh sakes we can not even see the road out in front of our house for the blowing stuff and the pile up.  He will drive me...more

I have trouble with restaurant food matter how nice the place.

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to ME...35 years......more

Happy Blogday to ME! (Giveaway)

Type 1 diabetes

 The new year is here and the 1 year Anniversary of my oldest daughter Jillian's diagnoses of Juvenile diabetes is just a few days away. It has been a roller coaster year of ups and downs and highs and lows. We have learned so much about this disease, but yet I still feel like I have not grasped it fully. Everyday is not the same, her sugar levels are never perfect and with puberty knocking on our door it will get worse. Having a pre-teen with type 1 scares me but not as much as having a teenager, yikes....more

Wow! I can completely relate to this post. My daughter is 11 and was diagnosed in October of ...more

The Other Day the Music Died: Remembering John Lennon

I know the day the music died refers to the plane accident that took Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper, but I can't help but think of John Lennon's death as the day the guitar strings went silent. When this man who had helped revolutionize rock-n-roll was gunned down by Mark David Chapman and the world lost one of its great musical poets -- a showman and activist; peacenik and passionate. ...more

Sunday night I went on stage with my class of piano students and it always amazes me how many ...more

How I know My Husband Loves me (still)....