It's Facebook official...

This is what my daughter posted to make the announcement of her first pregnancy Facebook official:...more


There's a time like this when I am missing my laptop.  If I have it still, I would like to sit here, on the deck and tap away my melancholy.  I would watch each black letter march across the screen, forming words and thoughts.  No matter.  I will make do with my pen scribbling across the page....more

A Big Announcement

While my blogging has been really sporadic lately - and I've continually said in other posts that I would address why eventually - well the time has come to finally address what I've been hiding. Some of you, especially those of you who are my friends already know... WE ARE EXPECTING!...more

List of the best 8 regions where do cycle tours of Italy

Italy offers a wide selection of cycle tours : from beginner to the road warrior. You can choose to cycle in the Alps in the north, small volcanic islands in the South or cradle of the Italian Renaissance between Rome and Florence. Italy offers some nice views that you find to be impressive and beautiful. You should be aware, however, that some places do not allow you to drive freely because of the presence of vehicular traffic. ...more