How Many Pregnancy Tests Does It Take...

 Sometimes things don't go exactly the way you imagine. When I still lived in Slovakia, there was a TV commercial (I want to say it was for Nescafe) in which you got to see a sequence of happy life moments. Picture a young couple. She hands him a little package, he opens it and pulls out a pair of tiny shoes. His eyes lit up once he realizes what the message means, then he hugs her and the scene changes to something else, perhaps a little girl getting a kitten for her birthday. I don't remember the rest anymore....more

The Unexpected Diagnosis

Infertility is not something I ever expected to deal with in my life. Despite the knowledge that it existed in my family I just somehow assumed that this little “gift” would pass me by.Fast forward to Alex and I “trying but not trying” for over a year and no results and reality slapped me in the face.  I think it mostly tapped Alex on the shoulder if I’m honest. He has and had expressed interest in having children, but he’s also been more of a shrug-of-the-shoulders attitude towards it for awhile....more