The “Annoying” Mommy Blogger/Tweeter

I have recently discovered Twitter, and yes, I know that I am extremely late to the party.   I joined Twitter so that I could follow some of my favorite bloggers out there.  The funny one liners, the blog updates and blog conference references are just a few of the reasons why Twitter has become more fun than Facebook for me.  However, there is one downfall in particular that I’d like to address, and that is the annoying Mommy blogger.  There are so many truly funny bloggers out there, but then there are the “copycat” bloggers who think they are funny, but fall shor...more


The Inmates' beloved Uncle Chester is not one to keep her feelings under wraps.  Therefore, when one of her most-despised Christmas songs comes on the radio (or on the cd I specially burned for her), her discomfort is obvious.  She usually lets out a howl, her face contorts, and she grabs the sides of her head.  This delights The Inmates no end and ensures that they will torture her with spontaneous renditions of her most-loathed tunes every few minutes for the entire month leading up to Christmas.  My sister has so many hated songs, in fact, that it was hard to narrow i...more

When someone won't stop e-mailing

SOMEONES FRIENDLY, TOO FRIENDLY!  AND THEY DOUBLE THE E-MAILS IN YOUR INBOX.... you find 67 ways to say 'thank you' and choose your favorite 'gracias' from this cup when you reply to their 37th message ...more

that bugs me, not work related email. I just ask people, nicely, not to forward any more jokes. ...more

This man of mine

There are some moments when I look at my husband and think, "Wow, he such a sweet and rare man to have." Seriously, my husband would not hurt anyone or anything intentionally. He is a true gentle giant and loves his family with all his big goofy heart. So why is it other times I just want to pack my bags and leave him?...more

I agree with you so much on all those points. The thing is even though in my brain I know these ...more

spelling bee.

I just finished reading a book, the title and author of which I won't disclose. ...more

I can't own my feelings

So apparently I cannot own my own feelings. D.C. came home at about 4 am after being in the studio all night and I listened to what they are working on. So far so good, at least he is doing what he is saying and the product is there. But this morning he decides to tell me that he is sick of "all the bullshit" and that if I had felt the way I do then I must have since the beginning.. this dude does not pay any attention to what I say EVER. I had expressed how I don't feel that he is in love with me anymore. ...more

10 things i hate about your blog

Yes indeed, the following are petty annoyances that bother me on other peoples' blogs. I guarantee you that at some point, you, yes you reading this right now, have done one of the following, either knowingly or unknowingly. I must get this off my chest. Please bear with me. ...more

YES!  I so wish I had remembered this one!  Some of them are so bad you can't raed the writing ...more

How to Deal with Difficult People

We all know them – those difficult people who seem to delight in spreading misery. Inevitably, you will encounter a difficult person in your personal or professional life. And, this difficult employee, colleague, supplier, customer, relative, neighbor or friend will bring distress into your life. However, with the right strategies, you can deal with him or her effectively. ...more