How BlogHer '14 Will Be Different for Me This Year

I'm going to the BlogHer conference this year in San Jose, CA. There are a couple reasons. Okay, more than two reasons. And I think they are good reasons. ...more
This will be my 3rd BlogHer in a row - NYC, Chicago and San Jose. My first experience was ...more

I'm a Blogger, And Damn Proud of It!: Reflections from a #BlogHerNewbie Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I left the first day of BlogHer '13 feeling both exhausted and energized, and ready to see what day two would bring....more
Love this.  I'm so bummed that I missed the Lean In circles, but the Unmarketing session at the ...more

My BlogHer BFF!

                      Casually meandering about the room after workshop looking for another pioneering woman to meet, she said, “I got here late. What did they say in the beginning?”I began to tell with her all the wonderful tips from Pathfinder My Blog as a Business. We then began to walk and talk. We shared more about ourselves as we stood in the line for lunch. We broke bread together. And, talked some more....more

BlogHer Voices of the Year! I Almost Made it Onto the Big Screen!

Blogher Voices of the Year were introduced by no other than Queen Latifah!  (Blurry but she moved around a lot):...more


When BlogHer asked me to speak at their annual conference on a panel called Mental Health in the Online Space, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. For one thing, I’ve never spoken at a conference before, and for another, I’m hardly a professional when it comes to talking about mental health. I mean, sure, I have lots of thoughts and opinions and feelings about it, and I feel pretty comfortable writing about my own experiences, but I’m by no means an expert. In fact, when I first received the invitation to speak I was sure that BlogHer had sent it to me by mistake....more

Never Doubt Your Place in this Space!

Last year this time I was trying to scarp up money to go to BlogHer. I knew it was an important conference in the life of a blogger. Thanks to some of my biggest supporters, friends I've met through twitter, off to the Big Apple I went. I met a lot of sponsors and a lot of bloggers. ...more

New to Blogher

Since I started my new blog and made the leap to self- hosting I felt like it was a good time to invest in my future! You can imagine how excited I was when I starting getting all the Blogher emails about the annual conference! I would say timing is everything and timing was perfect for me! And who could pass up Chicago in July? July in Florida is pretty nasty hot! New to this Blogher rodeo, I did what other blogger do. I turned to blogs and joined group to find out more! I seriously knew nothing! I am one of those blogger who knows no other bloggers outside of our blog world....more

Making the Most of Opportunities to Network and Connect When Solo at an Event or Conference like BlogHer '13

As BlogHer '13 gets closer, I wanted to share two of my favorite tips on how best to approach attending an in-person networking event or conference when you have to go it alone or are used to doing most of your networking online....more
@kisschronicles Glad you liked it and thanks for the reminder about the FB group! I'm going to ...more

Newbie to BlogHer Conference13

Rudacohas or is any one attending alone?? are newbies in category by themselves or is there like an intro for new/first timers?? thanks!!...more
There will be a lot of newbies in attendance and we do have a newbie breakfast on day one to ...more

In Which I Invite Katherine Rosman of the WSJ to Attend BlogHer 13 With Me

      This post was also published on Table for Five on April 25, 2013....more
@jenleereeves In a way, that just makes it worse. She's seen first-hand what goes on, and still ...more