Pregorexia, My Response #Womenslives

 This post may be sensitive to some readers. The shame that comes from struggling with an eating disorder is like no other, the judgement, side eyes, and disapproving gazes are enough to make you want to lock yourself away, so imagine going through it while you are pregnant....more

Should you but into a strangers life or should you just keep your mouth shut.

Usually I mind my own business, never sticking my nose into a strangers business. I often wonder if I would be able to speak up if I saw something so wrong that had to be corrected.  A few times I have thought after a situation with a friend that I should have said something.  You know to the friend who seems to be drinking too much far to many times. Like the time I knew that I shouldn't have let her drive and vowed that if I was in her company again when she drank too much I would be the one to speak up and take her keys! ...more

Life after an eating disorder?

As I was helping a girl from my dance studio find a dress for prom out of some of my old dresses (and really, who knew I had so much formal wear?), she pulled out my prom dress and mentioned that it was tiny. It was. Because I was 50 pounds smaller. And I told her that I had an eating disorder for a long time. She congratulated me on "getting better". But I didn't tell her I don't feel like I've gotten better. Not always. ...more

Megan's Story of Anorexia and Depression

Megan is a 17 years old teen girl who sees her self-esteem as moderate to low.  She was an obese child in grammar school and lost 40 pounds by eating healthy and swimming regularly. She was bullied and teased relentlessly because of the weight. That had a very damaging effect on her. She then swung the pendulum in the complete opposite direction and between eighth-grade and freshman year of high school she became anorexic.  As an anorexic, she counted calories and every chew....more

College Confidential: 10 Warning Signs Your College Student May Have an Eating Disorder

Home for the Holidays: A Great Time to Check in On Your College Kids' Health If you're the parent or grandparent of college students coming home for the winter break–especially if your student is female and a freshman—experts from the Eating Recovery Center urge you to pay close attention to possible signs that she has developed an eating disorder at college. Read: Colleg...more