Video: Anthony Weiner Gets into Shouting Match

While walk on the Street of New York campaigning for Mayor a voter confronts Anthony Weiner on what he called his "Deviant behavior". And told the former Congressman he needs to get a job and stay out of the public eye. To his credit Anthony Weiner never backed down. Check out the video:

Anthony Weiner and Women: Who Is the Story Here?

Thursday's headlines that Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, thought herself to blame for the congressman's repeated forays into the lands of sexting women who were absolutely not her, kept the focus of his story exactly where it seems to have landed: on everyone involved but him. ...more
This is excellent. It's like you've been inside my head but saying it better.more

Lets Talk About Weiner

Carlos Danger IS Anthony Weiner. Yea, his yahoo account that he sent lewd pics from is Carlos Danger...Now to get the disclaimer out-of-the-way. I am not against Dick Pics inherently. It is not illegal, if you are of age, to send naked pictures of yourself. I don't find it immoral either. What I am against is them sent without asking for them. I am also against leaking pictures that were not meant for the public, pictures that are sent privately and trusted with the person they are sent to....more

Hiding in Our Virtual Worlds

In light of the recent so-called “news”, there have been many high-profile celebs, politicians, etc. who have been the focus of social networking scandals. I’m sure there have been millions of regular, non-celeb types who have been caught up in social networking entanglements as well.  Why are these virtual worlds so contagious, so tempting, so dangerous! People are literally ruining their lives and the lives of their families, giving in to these quasi worlds....more

While watching 20/20, they profiled a story of this young guy, who met a woman on FB. They spent ...more

The Post-Apocalyptic Dating Game: Schwarzenegger, Spitzer & Weiner

According to the dictionary, infidelity is: “the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.” Okay, so what does it mean to be unfaithful?...more

Ideological double standards

Sheesh, I'm writing a political post on BlogHer, an action to which I am adverse, and all because I'm tired of people telling me Weiner is okay, 'he's done a lot for the liberal cause.'...more

What is Women sent Nude Photos????!!!

Hilarious, true and a must-read.  Send to you all of your friends!

Now Is Not the Time to Judge Huma

I just read this article in Vanity Fair where writer Emma Gilbey Keller offers Huma Abedin, wife of now-infamous U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, some advice as she deals with the fall-out of his Twitter scandal. The piece has been generating a lot of buzz on the Internet today so I thought I'd share my own perspective, that of a working mom with her second child literally a day or two away:...more

Whatever she decides to do will be important, because she has chosen a public life with a public ...more

Weinergate and Other Technology Fails

While everyone else was discussing what the Weinergate incident and its coverage said about modern American politics and journalism and hypothesizing about politicians' inability to keep themselves out of sex scandals, she began counting the times technology had inadvertently cast her into deeply mortifying situations. ...more

A few ago, I was so angry after a meeting with my boss that I sent an IM to a co-worker calling ...more