Beauty Product Review: Avon Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express Wrinkle Smoother

Can this new Avon Anew anti-aging product banish wrinkles and fine lines? -PJ Gach...more

Chemical Peels VS. Micrdermabrasion

 What Are The Differences?The other day Shauna from Freckles and Curse Words posed an intriguing question to me.  She also in her infinite wisdom suggested that the subject matter might make a good post.  I could not argue with that.  Shauna was right on the money!  ...more

2 Great Anti-Aging Tips!

If not taken care of, our fingernails can scream our age to others.  But not everyone can spend the extra money to have a professional manicure on a regular basis.  Here are 2 quick and easy ways to look younger, just by taking a few minutes to make your nails look better. ...more

Two Ways to Instantly Look Younger

Here are two instant anti-aging tips!...more
Great ideas.  I'll give them a try!more

Why We Started Our Website/Blogging

Sue and Gigi started an anti-aging beauty blog about 3 years ago  then dropped it.Many friends and followers talked us into starting up again, hence,  We are BFF's that have a passion for all things beauty (inside & out) and wish to share what we know and our personal experiences.  Nothing pleases us more than assisting women in the confusing world of "anti-aging"....more

Become an Arbonne Believer: I Wouldn't Steer You Wrong, Guys!

This morning is one of those days when I really could use a nap. In the form of aboutsix more hours of sleep. I know, I know – stop complaining, right? The reality is that I really can’t complain too much – because of a fabulous deal my Arbonne team is running until the end of the month. Are you ready? Wait for it….Fifty percent – yes, that’s 50% off of EVERYTHING until January 31st. That’s 50% off the RE9 line. 50% off of the most amazing makeup you’ll ever try. 50% off our health and wellness line....more

Life after menopause

I was deliriously happy the day I realized I was in post-menopause.  You know, the day after you have missed 12 consecutive menstrual periods in a row.  No more pads, tampons, cramps, accidents - I just knew everything was going to be wonderful from that day on!...more

Jowls, Pouches and Facial Exercise

How To Create A Dazzling Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry - By Karen Norris

As we grow older, the subtle changes to the structures of our faces begin gradually and then pick up speed after about 40.  Our chins move back, our jaws recede and our cheeks hollow out and wrinkles appear.  Depressed yet?  Not a chance! There is a new world of cosmetic dentistry out there ready to help us!...more
I had no idea that so many things could be fixed in someone's smile! I have disliked my teeth ...more

Aging Backwards – Secrets To Staying Young

I appreciate Jackie Silver. She is a Facial Magic devotee and she is very vocal about how she loves to exercise her face. Thank you for your meaningful words and your willingness to share your beauty secrets with women of the world.____________________________________________________________________...more