Age Gracefully (with a little help) or fight it tooth and nail and look like you belong in a wax museum?!

I saw Priscilla Presley on television last night, promoting a new line of plastic dolls made to look like her. Hmmm, how very appropriate. As my husband sat next to me watching her, I realized, I’ve been desensitized I guess to her freakish appearance after watching her compete week after week on Dancing With the Stars.   ...more

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I think a life well lived reflects in someone's ...more

Retin-A: Can It Really Turn Back the Clock?

If you haven’t been to the dermatologist for awhile, here is a compelling reason to go. You simply must look into getting a prescription for something containing retinoic acid (commonly known by one of the brand names for it: Retin-A). Most dermatologists and aging, vain, skin care enthusiasts, myself included, would agree that these products containing retinoids are mandatory in the skin care regimen of anyone who wants to fight the ...more

No Frowning Around

No Frowning Around I have some strong opinions about Botox. While it is considered the most significant advancement in cosmetic care in the last twenty years, I'm not sure that the residual effects this has had in our society are entirely positive. ...more

Accepting Ourselves As...Who?

I’ve had a couple of conversations recently that have provoked ponderment on my part about just how far to go with maintaining a youthful appearance. Conversations about going gray, about Botox, and ‘letting oneself go’. They’ve sprung from the research and writing we’ve been doing on WomenBloom about 50 something women having trouble on the job hunting front. They’re kind of tricky, I find, those conversations. ...more

This post is very ...more

The #2 Anti-Aging Treatment

The #2 anti-aging product is an antioxidant. There are so many great products out there, it becomes personal preference. Are you a serum kind a gal, cream or lotion? I like to switch up between serums and creams. Just know that you need one – applied twice daily. Not only will it help with cell turnover, but it will build collagen…which is ever so important with each ticking day. ...more

The #1 Anti-Aging Treatment

The #1 anti-aging treatment is a prescription retinoid. Topical retinoids boost cell turnover to fight fine lines. It baffles me, on a daily basis, the number of people I know that don’t know this simple fact. Well okay, it seems simple to me. Prior to visiting my dermatologist, I guess I would have to admit I didn’t know this either. ...more

Your Working Wardrobe

I recently commented on a ...more

Fall/Winter Fashion Insight

[my] Predictions ...more

To Microderm or Not To Microderm

Well, of course ... to microderm! ...more

Sunscreen/Sunblock - What's the difference?

Those close to me hear me preach about the importance of wearing a real SPF all the time. You cannot deny the evidence. In the anti-aging world, prevention is everything. The fact of the matter is, chronic sun exposure hinders elastin production, resulting in saggy, lackluster skin. ...more

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I do want to mention, however, that the American Academy of Dermatology ...more