From Mean Girls to Mean Mommies - Bullying is not "Fetch"

Bullying and Cyberbullying are words that strike fear in the hearts of parents--bullying most parents are familiar with but cyberbullying may be harder to get a handle on in an age of ever expanding technological innovations.  Bullying, yeah, there's an app for that....more

The Big Cheese Wagon, Bully Boy And The Poncho!

Several years ago, I noticed that a good friend of ours had this habit of calling most of the girls and women we know "precious".  I thought about this and then asked Robby one day, "I wonder why he doesn't call ME precious."  He just stared at me; most likely not paying attention, I assumed.  Well, in fact, he WAS paying attention and came back with an answer to my question.  It seems that I really didn't fit the description of "precious".  WHAT?  Although I feigned surprise, I really wasn't.  But, I DID push the ticket a little by asking, "If I'm not "pr...more

YA Authors and Musicans Take On Bullying - New Book, Website and Music Video

We have reached a point where the effects of bullying in the United States have produced a rallying cry and a call to arms of groups that are coming together to help in any way that they can. Two groups that have recently come together to try to help are Young Adult authors and Musicians. Dear Bully ...more

April Fool

It was April Fools Day and I was in grade 6, I walked across town to meet my two girlfriends. We always met at the bottom of the hill and then walked up the rest of the way to school together.Everyday I worried their giggles behind my back would get worse. They whispered and passed notes, laughed at the things I said, and purposefully excluded me. Today wasn’t going to be a good day. April Fools would give them a reason to be extra mean....more

Anti-bullying Becomes Big Business

Lisa LaGrou