Vomit *International Pro-Life Memorial and National Life Center* Vomit

My aunt wondered why I had not blogged about the incident in which two female lawmakers were censured for saying the word "vagina" when speaking up for abortion rights in their state capitol. In part, the reason was because everyone who cares about reproductive freedom and rights already blogged about it, and I had nothing to add. Lately, this is why I have not been ranting about all the horrendous bullshit that is happening around reproductive rights, particularly abortion access. For a long time, very few people were saying bupkes, so speaking out was important. ...more

The Womb Police

When I was six months pregnant with my third child, I had the honor of toasting one of my closest friends at her wedding. I stood, wine glass in hand, extolling the great gifts of a well-met marriage rubbing my expanding belly for emphasis. After I sat down, one of the men at our table took away my wine glass and said, “I know you know your baby doesn’t need this.” ...more
Guys often try to be helpful.  We should actually embrace that as women, as it can be a ...more

Will Virginia Make an Abortion So “Safe” that It Is Impossible To Obtain?

The Washington Post reports that Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, an avowed opponent of women’s rights to decide for themselves if abortion is an acceptable option, “concluded that the state can impose stricter oversight over clinics that perform abortions.” He believes that they should be held to the same standards as outpatient surgical clinics,” to ensure a certain level of protection for patients." The two page article cites no st ...more
@Nancy Hill Whoa, Nancy! i greatly admired your spirit, but I cannot let your claims go ...more

The Democrats’ Dilemma: Their Own Trojan Horse Kicks Free

House Democrats broke into a paroxysm of self-congratulation for passing a health reform bill. By embracing the Stupak-Pitts amendment, however, they entered the women’s hall of shame. They had promised no more limitations based on preexisting conditions. But House leadership allowed a codicil: Except if you are a woman.   ...more

How TV Portrays Abortion

I know that the Golden Age of TV is supposedly long over, but what makes me really sad is how the boob tube literally continues to treat women and desire to control our fertility with rose colored glasses. The inability of network television to portray anything but women who "make the right choice" when faced with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy is depressing. ...more

Suzanne, I think you're right that it all boils down to advertizing and thus money.  Do ...more

Should Abortion Be Included in a National Health Insurance Plan?

As a good liberal, I am on the e-mail lists of many advocacy groups, the result of which is that I receive about 14,000 "action alerts" every day, 99.9% of which I delete without even opening. However, last week, two emails caught my attention: Planned Parenthood and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice both asked me to contact Congress and the Obama administration to protest the potential exclusion of abortion services from any national health care plan that is enacted. ...more

Turnabout After Prop 8 Offers Delicious Irony

While I'm riveted like rest of the nation and indeed the world, watching the events leading up to Barack Obama's inauguration tomorrow, a news item buried deep in the national news section of the New York Times today nearly caused me to fall, laughing wildly, off the treadmill where I was reading it. Yes, multitasking three things at once always makes me feel like I am using my time wisely. But I digress. ...more

What I Really Said About Bristol

Anti-choice blogs have been on a rampage, slamming me overand over with allegations neither accurate nor true. I'm quite accustomed to their techniques of misleading their readers in an attempt to persuade by histrionics and lies if the truth doesn't work. So I'm not about to waste my time in a food fight with them. On the other hand, when someone asks me a legitimate question about something attributed to me, I try to to reply. This interchange with a ...more


In Texas where I come from, “caint” is a perfectly good word. If it’s not already in the dictionary, it should be. Definition: what someone must not do, as in “Barack Obama caint choose Virginia’s anti-choice Gov. Tim Kaine as his running mate.” ...more