Why would anybody be surprised that the Bush administration plans to propose new federal regulations allowing health care providers to run roughshod over established scientific and medical  principles, even when they are doing it with your taxpayer money? ...more

HHS new rules document proposes religious tenets as basis of health care for women

(Image: Source Zimbio. Photo by None/Getty Images North America. Taken at a a live taping of Meet the Press at NBC Studios July 13, 2008 in Washington, DC. Even Carly Fiorina, a top McCain surrogate, called birth control a choice.) In other women's rights trampling, the Bush Administration is doing the quick step to achieve as many of its oppressive agenda points as possible before the President's term ends. This week's big move? Removing the blockade and letting anti-choice activists storm the health care castle in order to not only block women from getting abortions that are, for the record, still legal, but also could classify contraception products as abortions and enable "objectors" to prevent women from accessing those too. They call it "preventing discrimination" in hiring on the basis of "religious belief" but it's clear---after reading all 39 pages of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed rule document---what it really is: trying to cut the legs out from under Roe v. Wade. What does the document say? (Click here to read the complete PDF, provided courtesy of RH Reality Check.) ...more

Banning the Pill Kills Women. Period.

Sort of like how each episode of Sesame Street amusingly was sponsored by a few letters and numbers, today's post is sponsored by irony. Generally when I want to write something about reproductive rights, the first sites that match my search terms are ones that inevitably lead me to websites like prochoice.com, which is not remotely pro-choice and contains inaccurate information about abortion, complete with an extremely freakish waving fetus and a lecture on how parenthood is hard and you can never be prepared for it anyway, so just go ahead and carry a pregnancy to term because there are absolutely no costs associated with child birth or raising children that people should prepare themselves for. Today, I wanted to find some sites that participated in The Pill Kills Day '08, which took place this past Saturday, June 7. Of course, initially all I could find was commentary on how horrific and misleading this campaign is. ...more

I remember working in a Crisis Pregnancy Center when all the junk came out about the pill ...more