My Material Footprint and the Year of Nothing New

I recently decided I needed to squeeze my material footprint into a smaller shoe....more

Gluttony and Consumerism: An American Holiday Tradition

sustainabilityatspu.files.wordpress.comAs a woman in her thirties, I have finally found ...more

Buy Nothing Day and Giving Tuesday

If you read my post last week about how important it is to be thoughtful about what you purchase, then you might be able to imagine how unbelievably ill the holiday season of over-consumption makes me. Particularly the insanity around Black Friday....more

Challenge 2012: A Second-Hand Year

2012 is almost upon us and I know I am not the only one clinging to hope for the new year, desperately dreaming of the things that may come.  For me, the year holds exciting plans: moving in with my sister, travelling for clinical rotations for school, a white-coat ceremony where I get to finally feel like a doctor, and potentially even an engagement and wedding planning! ( 26, this bloggirl is still a little superstitious).  ...more
Great post! We're curious what inspired you to make this commitment in the midst of what sounds ...more

Tips to Decluttering and Simplifying Your Home and Life

One of our goals with the new move was to simplify our family's life. We are seeking to declutter and learn to live less materialistically. We figure that if we can eliminate the wastefulness in any form from our routine, that it will not only save us money, but will help us to concentrate more on spending quality time together.  ...more