Confessions of a Half-Crazed Sports Mom

Confessions of a Half-Crazed Sports Mom...more

My Experience With Colic: More Than "Just Crying"

There are some things in life that you just have to experience yourself to understand.The stress of purchasing your first home, for example. The exhilaration of an acceptance letter. The relief of a false alarm after a health scare.These are experiences that we might hear about from the perspectives of friends and family members, but that we truly don't get until we find ourselves in those situations.For me, the best-- and worst-- example of this was experiencing the nightmare and daymare that is colic....more
yep. every-time-of-day mare. even when my son wasn't crying i would be dreading the time that ...more

Wanna See a Magic Trick?

I can make my kids disappear with these magic words: "Do you want to help me clean up or go play by yourself?" I do this trick a lot because I'm the kind of mom who thinks boredom is good for kids. Creativity, problem solving skills and imagination are built by boredom. Here are some highlights from their recent bouts of boredom....When all else fails, get a hose......more

The Power of Denial: Parenting in the Age of Fear

Recently, one of my best friends was out biking in a very safe neighborhood with her husband and two children. Suddenly, her nine year old son disappeared. Her first thought was that he’d been abducted. Then, she tried to calm down, since his aunt lives in the neighborhood and it was more likely he took off for her house. After much biking around and yelling, they arrived back at the aunt’s house, and there he was. My friend didn’t scream about abduction at him, just yelled at him for not letting them know he was taking independent action....more

Sending My Son to Sleep Away Camp and Other Lessons of Parenting

A lot of hullabaloo has been made of helicopter parents and their children off attending sleep-away camp. Contraband cell phones, specially trained staff, and, God forbid, allowed e-mail communication, all in an effort to proffer parental peace of mind, have been criticized as the decline of civilization as we know it. ...more

I recently wrote a post called making time for children: all of me, part of me, none of me. ...more

Extreme Parenting

I went to see that odd bird of Shakespeare’s plays, Timon of Athens, last week. I’m happy to report that it was a fantastic production (Actor’s Shakespeare Project) followed by a perfect corned beef/cabbage/potatoes dish at The Franklin Café. An evening bad for the body but good for the mind....more

ESPN Broadcaster Craig James Inducted Into Helicopter Parent Hall of Fame

Though ESPN TV announcer Craig James has not made it into the College Football Hall of Fame yet and probably will never be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he can at least say he made it into another Hall—the Helicopter Parent Hall of Fame.  The blog hosts the only Hall of Fame of that kind—and James is the first high-profile name to join its illustrious ranks. ...more