Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: The Perspective of a Cattle Farmer and a Mom...

I am a take charge person.  I am a person of action.  I am a planner.  It is very difficult for me to let things go and not be in the driver’s seat.  There is nothing that shakes my world up more than one of my children having a serious illness.  I can handle it when I am sick, but it shakes my foundation when it is one of my kids....more
As someone that eats organic food, grass-fed beef and all that good stuff. I do look for farms ...more

Bladder Infections Are More Resistant

More and more people with bladder infections are finding that their antibiotic options to treat the bacteria causing symptoms in their urinary tract are becoming more limited. This trend started years ago and is becoming more worrisome now as more bacteria have developed resistance and instead of being eradicated are clinging to the bladder and multiplying. ...more
Sugars and alcohol feed the bacteria. AVOID them - drink unsweetened (yes, I know - UGH) ...more


Originally published on Care2....more

Ear Tubes: Should You or Shouldn't You?

Children between the ages of six months to two years of age commonly get middle ear infections also known as otitis media. These infections involve the space on the inner side of the eardrum and can occur initially as a result of a cold or upper respiratory infection.When this area is infected, it fills up with fluid which pushes upon the eardrum or tympanic membrane. Infections can be either bacterial or viral....more

What's In Your Chicken? Canadian Investigation Suggests That You Might Not Want That Kiev For Dinner

Today, the CBC -- Canada's public broadcaster -- released a report that indicates that the chickens that Canadians are buying at their local supermarkets are very probably chock-full of not-so-delicious superbugs. Is it too alarmist of me to say that this freaking horrifies me? ...more

Hey Catherine, thanks for sharing this. It really is so due past time for a huge makeover of ...more

It’s time to reconsider the broad use of antibiotics in farm animals

Antibiotics are currently used widely and irresponsibly in raising farm animals.  These antibiotics are meant for treating humans and this use in animals entering the food chain breeds antibiotic resistant bacteria that make people sick, and are much harder to recover from....more

Health Risks of Anti-Bacterial Soaps

With fears of H1N1 running rampant, it seems like everywhere you turn, there’s antibacterial gel, antibacterial soap and other antibacterial cleansers.  But are these cleansers really necessary, not to mention safe, or do they actually post health risks?  Today’s guest post addresses these questions. ...more

Future vaccine may prevent ear infections

A new vaccine that may someday prevent ear infections (otitis media) in children is currently in the works. The vaccine is still a ways out from being tested on children, but the results on chinchillas have been promising so far. ...more

In retrospect, I'm glad this vaccine wasn't on "the schedule" for my kids and that ...more

The dangerous overuse of antibiotics and creation of superbugs

For nearly the past month, my family and I have been battling a doozy of an upper respiratory infection, also known as a cold or the flu. It started with my daughter and quickly spread to my son and husband and finally to me all within about a week's time. The coughing, the phlegm, the runny nose, the aches, the fever, the gastrointestinal issues - we shared it all. Isn't family great?! ...more