Parenting the Middle Child – When It’s Not Middle Child Syndrome

I’ve always heard about middle child syndrome, but I’ve never seen it before nor experienced it. It’s always been myself and my younger sister. I was the eldest, she was the baby, and I had to set the example. All of those memes about how they had your curfew, you dated with an escort, etc.- yea that was totally me....more

April Fool's, A Bully's Dream

Ah, April 1st, the day for jokes, pranks, laughs,…humiliation, anxiety, and tears. Let’s face it, April Fool’s Day is a bully’s dream and a victim’s nightmare....more
Amen and amen - I hate April Fool's day for this exact reason. Well said.more

Spreading Rumours, Is a Form of Bullying

With Canada ‘s Pink Shirt Day passing Yesterday, I wanted to revisit a post I had written quite some time ago.If you don’t know what pink shirt day is, it is the brainchild of two young boys from Nova Scotia, Canada. David Shepherd and Travis Price, who in 2007 bought and handed out pink shirts, in light of a boy being bullied in their school, for wearing a pink shirt the first day of school. It went viral!...more

How to Protect Your Kids from Bullies

Bullying has been a problem in schools for centuries. The reasons kids bully other kids are very diverse and sometimes difficult to pin point, making it almost impossible to correct or prevent. Many parents and schools are making attempts to reduce bullying in schools, but the issue still remains....more

Bullying - Erik's Story

(Please note, I will be referring to Erik as she, because that's how she prefers it) ...more

The Power In "One Voice" Against Bullying

There is amazing power in the anti-bullying song “One Voice.”You hear it in the words written by 15 year-old New Zealand singer/song writer Nakita Turner as she tells the story of those who have been bullied.  Real stories of her own experiences and those she learned from interviewing 180 other youths.  You feel it in her incredible voice as she expresses the real pain that bullying brings, and the sense of isolation and shame....more
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