Arizona Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay, "Religious Freedom" Bill

Conservative Christians around the nation have been clamoring for increased religious protections to match the advances made by by gay rights groups. The latest attempt fell flat yesterday in Arizona when Republican Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062, which would have effectively sanctioned discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by businesses in the state. ...more
I question the wisdom of a couple who want to force a religious business to serve ...more

Dear North Carolina Parents Who Wish To Ban Gay Marriage,

Tomorrow, May 8, voters in North Carolina will decide on Amendment 1:...more
 @elfladychronicles Thank you.  It really seems so simple doesn't it?  Check out more of my ...more

The Salem Witch Trials Come To Mind

If anyone had ever told me that in the year 2012 there would be a radical assult on Women's rights and what we can and cannot do with OUR bodies, I would have told them they were crazy. Yet here we are. I think back to the Salem witch trials of long ago, is this so different? Everyday in the media there are more and more reports about what white conserative men think women should be allowed to do and not do with our bodies. The right wing conserative machine has become one of lunacy and hatred all directed at women and gay people. All in the name of what they believe the bible says....more

Illinois Gets Same-Sex Unions, Catholic Charities of Illinois Jumps Ship

Today, Catholic Charities of Rockford, Illinois got out of the adoption and foster care business.The reason?Today, same-sex couples in Illinois have the right to enter civil unions -- marriage-like partnerships providing them with many of the rights and responsibilities available to opposite sex couples in the state. Because they didn’t want to work with same-sex couples, Catholic Charities bowed out of child welfare work altogether....more
Well put!!!  You are right on the money.!!!  The Catholic Charities can not have their cake and ...more