November 19th – National Day of Action on Human Trafficking

The Freedom Commons is calling for us all to gather together and end slavery by taking action on November 19th ...more

No, Yahoo, I Don't Need a Russian Bride

Cross posted from   My yahoo email address isn't particularly masculine, so I'm mildly amused and somewhat disturbed that I received the following emails in my Spam folder this morning:   Sexy Brides! Hot Russian and Ukrainian Brides Looking For Love Because a husband isn't enough: I NEED the drama of another wife in the house. Sister wife I am not, but thanks for trying. Sigh....more

Refuse to Do Nothing: How a Movie and a Book Changed My Life

Despite the fact that I regularly whip through books, I could not whip through this one. I found myself choked up after chapters, and the image of those young girls from Taken, the ones who were part of the prostitution ring and were drugged into submission. I pictured the children who didn’t know a better life, who couldn’t imagine hope. And, more than anything, I pictured these two ordinary moms changing the world, one small step at a time. ...more
Thank you for bringing this book to our attention. In researching violence against children in ...more


“In a future day there may be ways, butI must say the skieshave never looked so clear!”--Relient K...more

Baruch Atah Adonai

[At the risk of going melodramatic, if you’d like to know the inexpressible feelings of my soul while I was writing this, listen to this song as you read.]Thursday morning Abraham and Isaac – their trip of old, the sacrifice, the ram – were the last thing on my mind. The first thing on my mind was the 17 hour flight to the Philippines and how it was a mere four days away. On my way to CROSS training yesterday someone caught me in the hallway and asked to meet with me at 10:25 AM....more

How your Teenagers can Change the World

This spring, the Child Rescue Association of North America is launching Backyard Broadcas ...more

Standing Up to Sex Traffickers

Today at Cooper Square, I was among the New Yorkers standing up for the women and children who are victims of sex trafficking, which is modern-day slavery. ...more

Week 4

Last post, I wrote about my chance to ask my church family at Belfast U.M. church for support — prayer & financial — for my work with HOPE61. Well, the pastor there also pastors another nearby church, in Caneadea. He asked if I was interested in speaking there too! So Sunday I went to Caneadea’s service at 9:00 AM & then Belfast’s at 10:50. This was my first time officially presenting my ministry & I was quite nervous....more

A May Flower of a Day

Today was a May-flower. Late this morning it seemed like thunderstorms, but instead we got the classic puffy white clouds against dark blue skies. Oh yeah…and NO snow! After months of heavy snows, this is still a fabulous fact to note. Literature of the Holocaust requires a lot of reading (supposed to be around 6 to 8 hours a day) but I’m enjoying it. Tennis & Badminton…wellll if I were more coordinated, they’d probably be fun…unfortunately they just remind me that P.E. actually stands for “Physical Embarrassment.” At least it’s giving me 2 hours daily of exercise....more