Take Five Years Off Your Face - Naturally

In a provocative and informative new work of non-fiction, “The Youth Prescription: An Anti-aging Sourcebook” provides a thorough investigation of holistic health therapies and supplements.  The book is a must read for anyone seeking improved wellness through natural approaches based in alternative medicine.   The book covers bovine colostrum, a natural supplement with skin repair factors that turn on the body's skin repair process.  ...more

Pineapple Apple Mint Juice

The Decadent Health Benefit of Chocolate

Did you ever think that adding 70 percent cacao (also known as dark chocolate) to your diet everyday would help you to lose weight?Researchers have found that the properties in cacao may have the potential to block the digestion of carbs and fats in the body. That’s right, block them!...more

Should You Be Taking an Antioxidant Supplement?

Should you take an antioxidant? Should you not take an antioxidant? Personally, I think most people should. We all try to eat right, exercise and manage stress well, but honestly; I think we all fall short most days. Antioxidants can provide an extra level of protection for your health.I recommend getting your antioxidants through food, but I also encourage you to find a pharmaceutical grade, high-quality antioxidant tablet as well. Antioxidants can help boost your immune system, improve the damage caused by free radicals, increase energy and over all feelings of well being....more
Sounds like a wonderful salad..I like doing that, toomore

The Skinny on Antioxidants

I know that people talk about “superfoods” and antioxidants a lot, and how they can help to prevent certain diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV, etc. but I don’t think that many people know how they work or what they do.  And, why they can be so good for you! What are antioxidants?...more

The Superpower Veg: Kale

Some people love it, some people hate it, but there is no denying the fact that kale is the Wonder Woman (she’s a woman and she’s awesome, so yeah it works!) of veggies! I will be completely honest here: I used to absolutely despise kale.  I remember the first time I ate it because I thought it was SO vile; my brother and I bought it when I lived in New Orleans, and he was loving it, so I was super stoked to try it, and it was NOT a match.  I barely swallowed it down without gagging....more
@allidebra  nutrition4lifee  Awesome! thanks for the read, and I always love new kale recipesmore

I confess: I Love Antioxidants!

After years as a sun worshipper, I am now happily reformed. But, oh my poor skin.  I am so sorry collagen, I was foolish in my youth.  ...more