Is There Such A Thing as "Ethical Porn"?

One question I hear a lot as someone in the adult industry who also identifies as a feminist is, "What *is* ethical porn? " And is it even possible?...more
I think that anyone who makes an “honest” living in the sex industry should be seen as someone ...more

What Do You Do When a Junior High Teacher Is a Porn Star?

Have you seen the story coming out of the Associated Press about the California junior high teacher thought to be moonlighting as a "hard-core" porn star? I have two teenagers, one in junior high and one in high school, and when I first heard this, I couldn't imagine what I'd do if this were one of their teachers. It was a bad judgment call on the teacher's part, no doubt. How long did she think, in this tech and media savvy world, she'd go unnoticed? I mean, I know teacher's salaries aren't what they should be, and many have to take on second jobs...but couldn't she have just gotten a job greeting customers at Bath and Body Works or selling Amway to make some extra cash?...more
The inevitable result of the Porn Star Teacher remaining in the classroom will be the further ...more

Protect Your Children XXX Material @ Your Local Mall & Eye Level For Your Children

 I really wish I didn't have to write an article like this.  It's more fun to talk about cool blog hopping links, or awesome moms I've met, or funny things Matilda does, pretty much anything but this.  However if I don't share with you what I found  you may  accidentally stumble into this store with your kids. ...more

Do I want a porn star to educate people about breasfeeding?! Hmm.. NO!

I like Kate Hansen. I like her work, and I like what she's trying to say to the World through her art, but I wasn't sure about what she posted on her facebook wall yesterday. I think, I shouldn't have said anything, as I am not very good at discussing things, especially in English. I always feel like people misunderstand me because of the simple (I think sometimes too simple considering the topic) vocabulary I use....more

Sex and Censorship: What Recent Attacks on Online Sex Discussions Have to Do With Your Blog

Here's what is at stake: Recent censorship of online discussions of sex and pornography -- not the porn itself, but discussions -- isn't an issue of us versus them, morality versus indecency, conservatives versus liberals, believers versus atheists. This is a matter of freedom to speak, freedom to congregate, freedom to learn about ourselves and to share that knowledge. That's what this country stands for and it's essential that those of us who believe in these tenets take a stance against those seeking to oppress them. ...more

Your questioning the veracity of the statements put forth uncovered some very valid points, ...more