An old milk can recycle into an outdoor end table!

My mom recently has been working on her beautiful new deck, adding seating and flowers etc. She picked up four red Adirondack chairs and then commented, “I really need just one little end table!” My brain immediately started turning and it didn’t take it long to land on this old milk can. My mom had mentioned a couple of years ago that she really wanted one of the old milk cans she was sure were lying about the farm. I found one out in the woods one day but it was in such bad shape I didn’t even haul it back to the house....more

Wordless Wednesday - In the name of beauty

A series of four images of an antique perm machineWhat we did all in the name of beauty!...more

Antique Your Costume Jewelry: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I'm kind of a fussy bitch about jewelry. My style is uber specific and not really the kind of thing you'll find in a department store. Or anywhere else for that matter. Most of the time, I end up buying jewelry off Etsy or during some of the local events like Craft Lake City and ArtsFest. But occasionally, I pick up a kind of fab piece from the thrift store that has potential. And then I like to brag about it. A LOT. Oh, you like this ring? I got it for a dollar at Savers. Yep. I am one thrifty motherfucker....more

19th Century Farm House Antiques

Yesterday, discouraged by a chilly and cloudy day and a lack of sales at my shop, I found myself at the estate sale my friend Tina has been putting together with the prospects of a fresh pick and to satisfy my urge to buy more pieces of history. This was for the second sale as the one for the house had already been done two weeks earlier. ...more

1800s Cottage Dresser Upcycled in the 1960s

When I was a kid in the '60s my mother became a master at "antiquing" furniture and was able to develop a small business that ran out of our country home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Here we have a piece that brings back  fond memories of Mom, hard at work rejuvenating tired dressers and stands with blue, avocado green and barn red updates....more

1800s Vignettes and a Love for History

 I grew up with parents who were curious, curious about history, America's past and the cultures of bygone eras....more