I Need My Public Face

We all know that face. The one we put on when we're not at home. The smiling happy face that portrays someone who is doing great.She has it all together. She's coping well with her loss and grief and disappointment. She's handling things with such dignity. She's going to be ok. Some days that face fits comfortably. Other days it just feels like one big lie. On those days I wish I could just rip it off and scream at the top of my lungs....more
I can only hold the public face for so long.  I still have moments when I'm not strong enough to ...more

What's the Protocol on a Free Couch?

So, you know sometimes when you move or do your annual “Spring Cleaning” (well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I certainly do) and you find an item that you just can’t stand to have in your house a moment longer and desperately want to get rid of? Do you put in on the street for someone else to take? And if so, do you leave it unmarked or do you put a sign on the thing saying, “free” or “take me home”? Well, I do....more

At least drag it up to the door of your house and when your husband gets home he can help you ...more