What's the best Antivirus for You?

There are so many things to consider when it’s time to purchase antivirus software, but don’t let all the options overwhelm you. Take your time and don’t get too fixated on every little detail. Some systems will definitely conform more to your needs than others. But many people simply go with what seems to be the most popular or reputable antivirus company....more

Signs You have Malware and what You can do

Not all computer viruses immediately crash your device in a dramatic display. A virus can run in the background, quietly creeping around on its tip-toes, stealing things and messing things up along the way. If your computer has a virus, here’s what may happen:...more

What is a Rootkit?

A rootkit is a kind of software that conceals malware from standard detection methods. A good analogy for a rootkit would be a burglar breaking into your house. The burglar is dressed all in black, so that his form blends into the darkness. He tiptoes around to hide his sounds so he’s more likely to go undetected as he steals your belongings. But unlike the burglar, who usually takes your stuff and leaves, an efficient rootkit can stick around for years doing its work, robbing your computer or mobile device of data....more

The Guide to Securing Your New Tech Toys

Ho ho ho! It seems that this year, Santa’s sleigh was filled with technology—laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc. Playing with and learning about your new tech toy is fun, but remember to secure your device. It would be a total bummer if your new toy was suddenly compromised by a virus or hacked into. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to protect your new device.Computer/laptop...more

Make Information Security a Priority

Just about everyone has private information that should be protected. Let’s begin with something you’ve surely heard of: antivirus protection.But this isn’t enough to guard your personal data. A free antivirus service may not even update automatically, and this is very important to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. Your protection is worth the fee for Antivirus, a firewall, antiphishing software and antispyware....more

How To Protect Your Employees' Personal Details

Protecting employees’ personal details from cybercriminals should be a top priority for any business owner.Without a doubt, cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated, which is why it’s crucial to have procedures in place to avoid your staff being the latest victim of cunning identity thieves.  ...more

Safe Banking On Your Mobile Device

Mobile banking has experienced rapid growth over the last three years, in the U.S., more than doubling from 5% of online adults in 2007 to 12% by June 2010. Furthermore, Forrester predicts that one in five–or 50 million–U.S. adults will be using mobile banking by 2015....more

The .exe files, when your overpriced antivirus isn't helping you

I am very sorry for anyone using the popular antiviruses embedded in new installs of every certain operating systems that comes with a new PC/laptop. I have not used those two "most popular" antivirus in over a decade - not anymore after their lack of merit destroyed another harddisk and forced me to re-format my friend's harddrive, instead of simply reinstalling. If you think that's bad, imagine my friend's dismay when my harddrive caught the same virus, and was saved by a freeware antivirus I was testing....more