The Words of Others Including Leo and Wayne

          When I can’t find it in myself to say the right thing – be it something to console or motivate or scold lovingly – when I can’t find the words to exactly and concisely express my feelings at a given moment in time, I look to the words of others. One of the first such people whose words touched me was Leo Buscaglia. Remember him? Leo was “Dr. Love,” and he was one of the first people who brought words such as “acceptance,” “compassion” and “non-judgment” into my world. I was so cool...more

Could You Benefit From a Mini -Correction

          In his press conference before Christmas, President Obama said he was looking to 2014 as a breakthrough year after a rocky 2013.  While the assessment of his 2013 year may have been an understatement, what with his troubled health care rollout and plummeting approval ratings, it has been a less than jubilant year for many folks. But that’s not what I want to focus on in this short post. I’m shining a light on the possibilities of the New  Year....more

Six Powerful Yet Simple Promises That Will Pump Up Your Life

1.        Promise Positive Self-Talk          I wonder if we all truly know that we are our own worst enemies.  No one can be more rigid and more unforgiving of our errors than us.  And how many times have we said to a friend, “Gosh, you wouldn’t be as mean to ME as you are to yourself.”?...more

Five Questions - Childless Seniors Reflect

 There were a couple of reasons why I never had children. The main reason was that I wasn’t able to conceive easily and couldn’t stay pregnant longer than a few days. In hindsight, not being able to have kids during my child-bearing years didn't overly upset me. While I wanted to have children and went so far as to have a couple of medical procedures to help the process along, there are many couples who consciously chose a life without children....more

A Hole in My Heart

Heart sayings:                                 ~take a comment to heart                               ...more