The Path to Enlightenment Stinks

I'm what you would call an anxious person. High strung, wound tight, bat shit crazy, however you want to describe it, the bottom line is that my life is sometimes ruled by anxiety. On my journey to get my anxiety under control I've tried many things from medication to deep breathing, to working out. Then it hit me. I needed to try yoga. Yes! Yoga would be the answer to all my anxiety issues....more

Imprisoned In A Left-Brain Life

I've become aware, lately, of a strange paradox that exists in our society....more

Forecast: Mixed With a Serious Chance of Storms

Not the weather, me. Not the weather. ME. I hate admitting to struggling. I hate feeling the storm brewing in me, the internal tornado...the sense that I'm about to fly off, scatter into pieces, shatter beyond repair. Even more, I hate that to a degree I can contain that tornado so that most people are unaware that anything is amiss. ...more

The anatomy of an anxiety attack

It is 7:45 pm. Eastern standard time. Monday evening. The audition is at 8. The audition that I have been clutching to my chest for weeks and perhaps even months. The audition that has been acting as my talisman to keep me moving forward forward forward and to not stop moving because if I stopped moving the enormity of my depression would get a chance to engulf me. I could feel it nipping at my heels. It is now 7:47 pm. Eastern standard time. ...more

I May Never be Polly…

Have you ever seen Along Came Polly? I LOVE that movie!!! Sadly, in real life, I'm not Polly. I would have to say I'm more like Rueben (Ben Stiller)....more

What If I Sh*t My Pants? (During HuffPost Live)

Today, I had the honor and privilege to be part of a panel discussing anxiety on HuffPost Live, which is featuring discussions on mental health all week. It was an awesome experience being on air sharing my story, highlighting an issue that affects millions. Not to mention how pleased I am that The Huffington Post is focusing an entire week on such a hugely impacting and largely stigmatized issue....more

Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks: This SH¡T is for Real! (VIDEO)

*Post written in May 2014*I was in San Francisco this week for a the PBS Kids Annual Meeting as one of their VIP (Very Involved Parent) Ambassadors. This was the FIRST time I was able to travel to any event/conference and I was excited for a few days away. I’ve been dealing with depression since my daughter was born in January 2013 (on medication) and more recently began having severe anxiety and panic attacks....more

5 Ways to Alleviate Anxiety

That pounding heart, cold hands and feet, panic of unknown origin feeling – I get that. That’s my anxiety response. Sometimes I understand where it’s coming from, and sometimes it hits me out of the blue. ...more

Anticipatory Anxiety Sucks

To my unpleasant surprise, I was told that I have to interview to substitute teach in the school district I've been working for the past 5 years. I've been a special services assistant, summer school teacher, and substitute in the past, so the whole thing seems ridiculously silly to me. I know it's just part of the bureaucratic bullshit and red tape that I'm in the process of escaping, but nonetheless, the idea of an interview makes me want to throw up. Allow me to divulge the reasons......more

Meet your habenula: The worrywart in your brain

There's a tiny worrywart in your brain. It's smaller than a kernel of corn and it's job is to stay on the lookout for dangerous or painful situations. It's called the habenula and every animal with a backbone (even fish) have one.The habenula is buried deep in the middle of your brain. It makes a "mental note" of all the bad things that have happened to you and starts firing ato alert you when it expects something else to happen. It's like the anxious mom who calls you every day at college....more