Freedom of the Heart.....

Freedom of the heart,Refreshing of my soul,All things which surround me,Friendships,My heart, pain, and breaking. Friends and family,Of love and of hurt,Of loneliness and of dreams,All that has left me,Hurting deep inside me. The heart,Which is hurting inside me,Is breaking the person,Which I am. Down a path, can’t go back,All the way, a bumpy endless track,Loneliness , struck senseless,Pain and misfortune,...more

Darker Head Space

NaBloPoMo: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?...more


There are times when you wake up and wish you had not.  Nothing hurts; no pain in your body; family, friends, and neighbors are all excelling, and you are looking forward to the day ahead. Even though your day is scheduled so tight that you can hardly breathe, all is well with your world.  Yet, your early morning wake up disturbs you. You feel strange, restless, exposed, but to what you cannot say.Like Job, you get up and while drinking your first cup of coffee: ...more

Not Myself Today

I really have to applaud Partners for Mental Health's Not Myself Today campaign – a campaign to raise awareness of mental illnesses in the workplace. I wish this had been done a lot sooner, but am very happy to see that it's finally getting some well-needed exposure....more
They've done some good commercials for this campaign, haven't they?more