Hoping For Sensitivity This Halloween

Autumn is hands down my favourite season. The crisp frosty mornings, crunchy leaves, beautiful colours and opportunity to wrap up in lots of layers; never ceases to make me happy. The only issue is that it brings with it Halloween... which I meet with an equal amount of excitement and trepidation....more

self-injury when the weight gets to heavy

You can’t even explain how you feel anymore, the thoughts are piling up inside your head. This pain hurts so bad that you can’t even bare, so you isolate yourself from everything. Standing there wondering if anyone cares. Things have been in darkness so long and all you want is an emotional break. Your destroying your body, trying to search for a peace that hasn’t been there in so long. This state of emotions can feel sad, empty, hopeless and helpless. ...more

I'll Tell You What's Up, Doc

So I'm in therapy.Ugh, therapy. I dread it as though it's an hour-long family reunion. All I can think of are the screaming kids, the awkward conversations with elders who couldn't hear your conversation with a bullhorn, the marshmallow and canned fruit "salad," and my uncle putting on a three-hour slide show of his world travels. Once I get there it isn't that bad of course (with the exception of the slideshow), but the anxiety I get leading up to it is enough to put in therapy. ...more

Dealing with Panic/Anxiety Attacks: My Story

I wanted to share my story. Hopefully by sharing my story it will help someone. I have had panic/ Anxiety attacks for as long as I can remember. For years I thought I was crazy or going crazy because I would have these feelings or sensations that would happen out of no where. For a long time, Doctors couldn’t explain what I had… I wasn’t having an attack when I was in the doctor’s office…...more

Freedom: My Open Letter to Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,You had me going for a minute.I remember the first time you rudely introduced yourself (physically)back in 2011. I’ve mistaken you for a nervous breakdown, psychotic disorder, heart attack, and every neurological/psychological illness imaginable....more

What It’s Really Like To Have Concealed Anxiety

 I always keep my worries hidden. I mean, how do you explain to someone the conundrum of loving people and needing to be surrounded by people to be happy, but also that my deepest triggers are usually social situations? And those panic attacks? The only thing more terrifying than a panic attack is trying to explain to people what a panic attack feels like. The symptoms — a racing mind, heart, and difficulty breathing — can make you feel like you're going to faint, lose your mind. And die. Really fun....more

Top 10 Techniques for Taking Control of Your Anxiety in the New Year

As someone who has spent 33 years with anxiety, I know how terrifying and frustrating it can be. My life with anxiety was so much more complicated than it is now. I was constantly worrying, catastrophizing every event, and generally feeling tired and cranky. My anxiety ruined nearly every day and several relationships, too. That is, until I had a major panic attack in August 2015 that landed me in the ER, and I immediately realized that I had to change. Am I completely anxiety-free today? To put it simply, no. Anxiety is something that I will always have, but now I have the tools to manage my anxiety and knowledge how to stave off or shorten any moments of anxiety I may incur. As we enter into 2016, instead of making the same cliché resolution to get healthy physically like we always do, let's make a resolution to get healthy mentally! ...more
justadustjacket estellasrevenge oh that sounds awful. I will look into it. Thanks ^^more

The Day the Strings Broke: My Journey With Anxiety

I've thought about how to write this a million times or who exactly to tell first, because I'm not normally one to tell a lot about myself. I've worried about how this is going to come across. Who will judge me? Who will empathize with me? Will you think I'm crazy? Most importantly, will you think I'm trying to just get attention? ...more
This blog hit home for me. I can relate to having anxiety and not knowing what to do when a ...more

An open letter to my (pretend) therapist during an anxiety attack

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude. Dear Barbara (because if she’s MY pretend therapist, I LIKE the name Barbara for a therapist – it suits her),I’m hoping that writing about the layer of neurosis that’s resting heavily on my soul will shine some light on it; and maybe even melt it away. I’m hopeful if nothing else. (30% hopeful; 95% nothing else. But I failed math so I suggest you don’t count on my stat skills.)...more

Anxious Parents Make Anxious Children: How I’m Letting Go

For as long as I can remember, I have been a riddled with anxiety. On the playground, I studied my tennis shoes with hopes I wouldn't be chosen for kickball. I sweated in the 40-degree weather with fear that my face would resemble a pug dog after one swift kick to my noggin. Dodge Ball boosted my worries in middle school gym class. I cowered in the back corners pleading to get hit in the shoes because the other kids might not have a strong enough arm to reach me. Please let me stay on the sidelines! ...more
Yoga is a great idea. I wish I could do it all day long. So sorry your anxiety has worsened with ...more