What It Feels Like When You're Having an Anxiety Attack

I suffer from anxiety along with my depression. It's a tricky thing to manage. A lot of people don't really understand what it's like to have an anxiety attack so I thought I would share what happens to me whenever one comes up. ...more
Moms Crazy Clubhouse With my girls, I always have them focus on my face and take deep breaths. ...more

Managing The Anxieties Of Finding A Home

By: Stan Popovich Many people deal with the stress of buying a home for the first time. This time can be very scary since it is probably the first time in which these people are buying a house. As a result, here is a list of ways that a person can use to manage the anxiety of purchasing a home. The first step that a person can do is to read some books on how to buy a house. Go to your local bookstore and find some books that will tell you how to go about in purchasing a home....more

Saying "Yes" To My Anxiety

I know it sounds a little bit funny, saying “yes” to anxiety, but so often is it easier to stuff things away than to face them head on. That had become the situation with my anxiety and I. It would crop up, catch me by surprise and I would say, “no, no, no!” This was our relationship... get anxious, get annoyed that I’m anxious, reject it, and fail to deal with it. Something had to change between us. Someone had to give, and that someone was me....more

Battling PTSD witih EMDR and Scent Therapy

Here I am again in Dr. White, my Therapist’s home office. It’s a cozy spot full of eclectic pieces from his travels around the world. The carpet has a beautiful Indian print; the house must be at least 100 year old with lovely sweeping balconies which I can see from where I sit....more

I'm currently doing EMDR therapy too, for PTSD from childhood trauma. I'm also 2 1/2 years ...more

Anxiety and Me - The Beginning

It started in 1986 and I was in the tenth grade. During an oral report I had my first anxiety attack. It wasn't the reports fault, it was equally as lame as the ones before. It wasn't the teachers fault, she was just doing her job asking the normal canned questions, pretending to be interested in the fall of western civilization again... all that I knew is that I wanted to get out. I was embarrassed that on this cold fall day, I was standing there dripping with sweat and there was no hiding it. ...more

If You Feel Anxiety, You Are Not Alone

It's true that just about everyone will experience anxiety in one form or another during the course of his or her life.  Just hearing the phone ring in the middle of the night or hearing about an impending snowstorm can cause a measure of anxiety or nervousness. ...more