5 Ways to Alleviate Anxiety

That pounding heart, cold hands and feet, panic of unknown origin feeling – I get that. That’s my anxiety response. Sometimes I understand where it’s coming from, and sometimes it hits me out of the blue. ...more

The Under Toad - Panic and Anxiety Attacks

In John Irving’s masterpiece “The World According to Garp,” Garp’s youngest child Walt misunderstands when his father warns him to “look out for the undertow,” hearing his words as “look out for the under toad.” The under toad became, for the child in the book, the representation of everything scary and overwhelming and out of his control....more
 @isthisthemiddle @JourneyofLife it's so important that people understand how debilitating panic ...more

Symptoms Of Anxiety Attacks

If you believe you may suffer from an anxiety disorder it is important to learn about anxiety attack symptoms. While it is true that some other medical conditions can result in symptoms similar to anxiety attacks, anxiety disorder features several key symptoms of which you should be aware. ...more

Know Your Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Being anxious, tense or nervous is just a part of the world we live in today.  With economic uncertainty, health crises, and the threat of terrorist attacks or other crimes, it's no wonder that people are often very nervous!  However, it's good to know the actual anxiety attack symptoms, because anxiety disorder is very different than just the everyday nervousness that most people feel, and these symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for something else. ...more

Baby Steps Baby Steps Baby Steps

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Confessions of a less-than-perfect mommy

You have a million and one things on your plate, are feeling overwhelmed and are reaching your breaking point. Yet when someone asks you to do one more thing, take on one more responsibility, juggle one more ball, you can't turn them down. I mean, if you say no, they might figure out you are not *gasp* perfect. But wait a second, you aren't perfect. I'm not perfect. None of us are perfect. So why is it that so many women, moms in particular and yours truly included, feel compelled to convince the world we can do it all, seamlessly, perfectly, without missing a beat? ...more

I don't know where this pressure comes from. It wasn't easy when I worked outside the home, ...more