How My Anxiety Got Worse After Having A Baby

I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t always know it was anxiety. It started out by being overly anxious and worrying about typical things. I just accepted it as a part of my personality, and assumed it was just my destiny to play on the safe side....more

Anxiety Disorder: What a Life of Worry Does to You

So it seems I may actually be a little bit crazy. Many of you may be thinking “no shit, that’s why I read this blog. Your crazy makes me feel better about my crazy.” (insert humor defense mechanism) Yesterday, I went to the doctor for mysterious, prolonged pain and sensitivity in my back and under one arm. Plus, I wanted to discuss why after four months of a slower-paced life, I still feel exhausted to my bones and want to nap after a 30-minute run....more

Add, OCD, and Anxiety...OH MY!

ADD, OCD, Anxiety...oh my For some of us living with depression, it's not enough to have a black cloud that we are constantly chasing away with meditation, medication, and our will to live. Some of us get bonus disorders just to make the whole life experience that much more exciting. For me, I seemed to get all of them. Anything worth doing is worth doing all the way, I say. So here we go into the wonderful world of additional mental disorders!...more

The view from inside a panic attack...

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have the same experiences as others… I do not claim to know what it feels like to be in your skin… Im just telling you what its like living in my own skin.   They build for days… They didn’t used too… I used to just have them…....more

The Eating Disorder Brain Tries to Strike Again

The pool opened last weekend. I thought I was ready to go with my new halter swimdress (shut up) and my sunscreen and my baseball hat. Sure, it had been a long, cold winter accompanied by many, many seasoned wedge fries, but last summer I even bared midriff a few times and felt fine about it. ...more
It's interesting. I just blogged today about being a victim of my own thoughts and how I wanted ...more

My Panic Attack Experiences

If you suffer from panic attacks or have suffered from an anxiety disorder, you are not alone.  I wanted to share my story as this one one of the most difficult experiences that I have ever gone through in my life.  About seven years ago, I experienced my first panic attack.  My then boyfriend (now husband) were going to move to Florida.  He had just received a job offer for a position in Florida with a very reputable company.  I was so happy for him, but was scared of the huge change.  Everyone I knew, my family, and friends, my life, my job was in NJ....more

Inside vs Outside

Originally posted September 21, 2010 at Outside I smile, laugh and talk to people.  Go to work meetings, shake hands, talk about strategies and ways to get work accomplished. Inside I am falling apart. ...more

It is a helpless feeling, isn't it? He is nearly 16 now, and it has gotten easier (maturity ...more

Anxiety and Me - The Beginning

It started in 1986 and I was in the tenth grade. During an oral report I had my first anxiety attack. It wasn't the reports fault, it was equally as lame as the ones before. It wasn't the teachers fault, she was just doing her job asking the normal canned questions, pretending to be interested in the fall of western civilization again... all that I knew is that I wanted to get out. I was embarrassed that on this cold fall day, I was standing there dripping with sweat and there was no hiding it. ...more