Being more than Mrs. Mommy

I have two t-shirts that I thought I had specially made just for fun. The first one was shortly before my wedding. I had it made to say "Mrs. XXXXX" (but instead of the Xs, it was my husband's name). The second was right after my son was born and it says XXXXXX's Mom (but instead of the Xs, it has my son's name)....more

How My Anxiety Disorder Influences My Sex Life

I wish I heard more conversations about how mental health impacts sex. I’ve always been a very sexual person. As soon as I hit puberty, I was fascinated by sex.My best friend and I talked about it all the time, putting our heads together to imagine what it would really be like. Would it be like it was in the movies, in the books we got at the library?...more
BlogHer people who don't know the complete numbness of #Anxiety can't grasp the idea that we ...more

Why Emotionally Intelligent Children Are Less Anxious

How do you react to stressful situations? I will be the first to admit that my anxiety is clearly linked to my inability to effectively manage my emotions during stress. I am famous for catastrophizing and overreacting. I grew up as the one known to freak out all the time. Now I know that I just needed to develop my emotional intelligence. This is something I will continue to work on throughout my life....more

Another #AdultingFAIL for the Week?

As we finish the first week of Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought I would share one of my (many) negative experiences in my workplace. It's going to be a long one, so bear with me please! I think it'll be worth it!...more

Premature Postpartum - Hospital Discharge is Not the End of the Story

  I can be annoyingly productive in the first few weeks of spring, as months of hibernation turn into an overwhelming need to do all the things. One of the first ways I know spring has truly arrived is when my mental gears start turning to plan my daughter’s birthday party. Last year, for her fifth birthday, she chose Honey I Shrunk the Kids as a theme, which I took as a testament to my amazing parenting. Obviously. I Pinterested the shit out of that party, and waddled my way around the yard while my husband and neighbors eyed me nervously. Evidently pregnant women shouldn’t climb ladders, or carry folding tables down a flight of stairs. Whatever. The party was great, and the sugar-laden children buzzed home. I was 28 weeks pregnant and feeling good. Then I went to the bathroom. ...more

Why I Limit My News

**First, let me start by saying that the hard stories should be reported. This post is about my personal reaction to them and what steps I took to maintain a healthy emotional outlook on life. I am NOT suggesting we bury our heads in the sand. I'm simply stating that we should find a healthy balance between dwelling on the horrible reports and being naive. If you have already found that balance naturally, that's great. This post is for those who struggle with dwelling on the  news  reports.** ...more
I don't watch the news on television ever, because I can't stomach any kind of violence (which ...more

5 Ways to Manage the Fatigue of Debilitating Anxiety

In the past, I have talked a lot about my debilitating anxiety. Now that I am a mom, it doesn't mean my anxiety has magically disappeared. (Actually, in some ways, it has intensified since becoming a mom.) When I started therapy about a year ago, I had high hopes that I would somehow be "cured and with enough hard work and practice, I might get over this condition that has plagued me for years....more

The Importance of Self-Care

It’s a slow rise. One that I am attentively attending to. I anticipated the hard fall. Although I did not anticipate the fall to be as hard as it was. I was prepared for the days that followed. A dear friend of mine loving referred to my journey after my father died as a Forced Rebirth; calling April 7th my Forced Rebirth Day. I’ve embraced that. I’m finding great comfort in it. And in my self-care, I am celebrating it. My life is so very different now....more

A New Way to Worry

There exists a trifecta o ...more

How To Prepare Stress-Busting Meals For Your Family

How many times have you heard the question “Mom, what’s for dinner? And how many times did your mind draw a complete blank? I am sure this led to a total panic because one of our main responsibilities as parents is to make sure our kids are happily fed–a job that never seems to end.Keeping healthy, interesting meals coming out of our kitchen can be a stressful endeavor. Sometimes we just don’t feel inspired to whip up that perfect creation that will please everyone sitting around the dinner table....more